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  1. I've told myself I would only get a tattoo if I had a damn good reason.

    I'm looking for something to remind me of how insignificant life and the events that go with them truly are.

    You see, I can be a bit neurotic at times and I'm constantly putting pressure on myself that has led to mental instability quite a few times.

    I just need something to keep me grounded.

    Ideas on artwork and placement are appreciated, as well as any other information you think I should know.
  2. The infinity symbol is always good to remind us of how small we really are.
  3. Space always makes me feel insignificant and mortal.

    Something to do with planets, stars (and maybe signs), galaxies...

    I dunno.
  4. I was thinking of getting an ouroboros (snake eating its own tail) on my ring finger.
  5. one that small in a shop is almost pointless, unless youre getting a slightly bigger piece as well...also, depending on where you are a lot of places wont put ink on hands or the neck/face, especially depending your age...

    youre not wrong for wanting to make sure that your ink has meaning, but it shouldnt be superficial meaning...there are way too many people *and im not trying to offend anyone, just speaking my own opinion on this* that have kanji symbols and they dont even realize what they really do or do not mean, same with a bunch of other "popular" ink...

    best way to go is to get something personal and original, even if its just a small bit different than the norm

    you also want to decide if you want color, black and white, shading or all and also to what degree...

    yes, we can give you ideas on what WE think would be a good idea...BUT do you REALLY want someone elses opinion of what would be good for YOU on your body forever?
  6. tattoo insignificant across your forehead


    this is horrible.
  7. Get "No Regrets" tattooed across your chest. You'll appreciate it in a few years
  8. We're not that insignificant... we cause quite a bit of damage, if you haven't noticed.

  9. yeah.... a tattoo saying "global warmer contributer (insert social security #)" is much better.

  10. That's a great idea.

  11. Is that the only thing we do?:rolleyes:
  12. You shouldn't have somebody else think of a tat for you. That being said, I personally always get amazed when I see something that compares micro and macro sizes in the universe. Something that zooms out from a cell to our solar system, etc. That won't be a practical tattoo, but there are similar things that would signify the same thing, like the size of the sun vs the size of our planet side by side.

    See this:
    Nikon | Feel Nikon | Universcale


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