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  1. Well at the end of this month I'm going to eliminate one of my (many) tattoo's. Now I know why my parents told me never to get them. Oh, well. Some lessons you got to learn on your own. This is not to say that I'm getting rid of all of them (because I'm not), and this is also not saying that I hate tattoo's (because once again I don't) but there are a couple I could do without. It's going to take a shit ton of sessions to get some of these off, but that's just something I'll have to deal with.

    I know this is going to sound weird, but I love the sound of the tattoo removal laser. It has a pleasant sound.. Too bad it's painful as !@#$. :D
  2. Good luck dude, too bad you can't say it's gonna hurt less comin off than it did goin on...
  3. Is it weird that I'm kinda excited about the pain? Shit, man I'm weird. LOL!

  4. that is kind of weird bro:smoke: I hope for the best tho!
  5. Thanks for the well wishes. The big reason I'm getting them removed is because they remind me of someone I used to be. Someone I hate now, so yeah.. All at the same time I think that's why most people get tatts removed.

  6. Yeah but I feel like tattoos are kind of like a book. Each one could represent a different chapter in your life when you got it.

    I can see why you want older ones removed if you aren't the same person you were before though..considering you are ever-changing.
  7. I'm not going to be an idiot about which tattoos I get. I'll never have this issue and neither should anyone else. Think before you ink.
  8. I'm going to tell you something a little embarrassing forum.. Few people know this about me, but I have panic/Anxiety attacks (I made a thread about it). My tattoo's have been triggering panics a lot lately. It's VERY difficult to explain, and more than just a little embarrassing, but yeah... That's why I'm getting them removed.

  9. Dude your explanations intrigue me. Do go on.
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    Just beware it might not fully go away especially if its coloured and it fucking hurts and takes forever!

    I got just a little one removed when i was 16 and it was pretty sore.

  11. Thank God no color. Just black, and they're using a Medlite laser (which is a top of the line laser). I know it will take multiple treatments, but I plan to keep going back until it's completely gone. (or at least until they tell me it won't fade anymore.)

  12. All of your posts seem rude and dickish. Also seems that you are calling OP an idiot. Maybe someone needs to get laid? :D
  13. Fuck that's going to hurt
  14. I have been trying to think of new ideas for myself to get tattooed. I wish a vision would come LOL. OP Have you looked into getting a cover up?
  15. What are the tats of?
  16. Thanks for all the replies, and kind words. Just another reason I love you guys. "mwtokin" to answer your question I have some very poorly drawn pacman (and ms pacman) one of each of my hands. I love the tatt, but I just hate where I decided to put them. The one i am more eager to get rid of is a cover up. I don't have any problem with the cover up its self, it's what it's covering. It's one of those tatts that I shouldn't have had it covered.. I should've completely had it removed so thus is why I am doing it now. I won't go into detail, but that tatt is completely again my religion.
  17. Post a pic?
  18. Is it a pentagram and you're now religious?
  19. I would, but I have no camera. Well technically my cell phone has one, but I don't have the SD Card so it won't allow me to take any photos.

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