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  1. Obv. I know it's a personal decision and I myself will live with it. but i just want your point of view ...

    I have a medium-sized scorpion on one shoulder blade, which I pretty much regret having done.
    Would a scorpion be easy to cover up?? I want to make it even so that I have one tattoo each on both shoulderblades.

    ex) wings.. ( symmetrical) But def do not want wings since it is so common

    I need assistance = ( help a girl out
  2. Your best bet, as lame as it may sound, is to go get a pro's opinion. Go talk to a couple of artists that you are familiar with and who's work you respect. They'll pick your brain and come up with a solution that will best cover what you have.
  3. laser removal works real well. It is what I recommend.
    I hate the tattoos I have. They are military tats and just at this point in my life, I wish I did not have them. I am 48yrs old. They are fortunately on my back and shoulders, none on my arms or legs, so with a tee shirt you cannot see them, but when I go to the pool or the beach, I get a lot of questions at times.
    oh yeah......I got my girlfriend last year for her birthday laser hair removal for areas where she is sick of shaving, so she said she is going to give it to me for my tat removal.
  4. Honestly I would talk to a few tattoo artists to see what they have to say.
    Some may say yeah it's possible, but your options are limited.
    Some may say that it would be easier if you got a few sessions of laser removal, then cover it up. This leaving you with a little but more room for imagination for your next piece.

    This all depends on the size and color of tattoo though. Some colors are more difficult to cover/remove than others.

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