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  1. heyy well im a 19 yr old girl and i just need opinions as to where the quote "If heaven was a mile away" would fit best ?
    I realize this is MY tattoo, and no one elses , but just some feedback would be helpful..

    i was thinking of getting it :
    a) going across side of hip
    b) lower back ( now that I think of it, kinda creepy spot for it ? )
    c) down ribs

    ugh, try to visualize the quote and give me your opinions?? thx:smoking:
  2. i would get it right by my collar bone. but for a chick i think it would look best down the ribs
  3. down the ribs :hello:
  4. whatever you do, DON'T get it on your lower back. I've been somewhat interested in a lot of girls and when I find they have a lower back tattoo of any kind, it's an immediate turn-off.

    Thats just me though!:)

    What is the signifigance of your tattoo? Just curious.
  5. Wherever you decide to get it put on...chose the spot with having in mind you're not going to stay 19 years of age...

    What may look good now...may look "pretty funny" when you turn old and wrinkly...:eek:

  6. Dont listen to the dude above me. Use it before you lose it. Then when you lose it you wont give a fuck about some 30 year old tattoo. It comes down to this. What does your body look like. Aesthetic things need to be looked at aesthetically. If your a thick girl a tattoo like this might not look good on some rolly ribs. Know what I mean. Post some body shots or go with your gut. Thats my 2cents.
  7. around your wrist or ankle would be a sexy spot.
  8. like the humming bird turning into a dragon when you turn 80. lol always scary

  9. Im not thick, im the right places, heh and Im not posting photos for safety reasons. Maybe when I grow a pair of balls ill do it sometime in the future, but for now Im content with knowing for myself that Im a non-stick figure. Italian chick w. some hot curves sounds good in my book=] besides, if its gonna be on my ribs, i could care less if others see it, its for my own entertainment lol
  10. :p sounds good.
  11. get it where no one on an interview will see it. thats the only advice i can give. I always thought about getting a dot of ink on the bottom of my foot, just to say i have a tatoo. THen maybe i can fit in with the kids who listen to all the cool rock.... haha not, music with guitars in it sucks...rap for life
  12. Im not quite sure if im gonna get it down the ribs, maybe across. not one line, but paragraph form. haha I suck at explaining things...:confused:
  13. i kno what ur saying and it sounds hot either way. females with nice tats is sexy. but really tho get it were u think is the best. do your thing
  14. Yeah, theyre not so attractive in my eyes either, but

    if heaven was a mile away" is from my favorite song by the song heaven is described as a place of your own, like, what you perceive heaven to be & being trapped in your own hell sort of thing. idk if it makes sense to you but it does to me lol.. So, pretty much ive always related to that line...
  15. lol thats a contradiction , some really good rap songs sample the guitar
    but besides that, cool tat idea
  16. so what your saying is that heaven is what i want to make it.

    i see heaven and hell as a dream. like when you fall asleep at night and you start to dream and its a good dream thats your heaven. if its a bad dream then thats your hell. i think that is what heaven and hell is when you die your soul just lives a life in your dreams. if that makes sense
  17. well basically Im getting the tattoo because the way I perceive the quote and "heaven" is reaching your own happiness.

    idk id rather stick to my topic than get into a spiritual debate but thats cool, you must be high lol

  18. ahh i remember one of the girls on the show friends did that. went in for a tatt and only got a dot

    i think it would look good on your ankle, but i really don't know. good luck
  19. lol you would think but im not. and like i said get it were you think is best. but to me a tat saying that much i think would look best on the wrist like a bracelet or around the ankle like an anklet. but also in the paragraph is hot to. that female from the transformers movie has a tat going down the side of her ribs kinda how you were talking about
  20. phebie

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