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tasty stinky purplish goodness

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Irishroots8477, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. How goes it... tell me what you think of my pungent purple, trich bathed nugs

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  2. that looks like some purp mr nice
  3. Fat enough bong hit haha

    Milk that biiitch.
  4. are those buds still wet? they look like it. maybe its the pictures.. your camera sucks!
  5. Those buds look real tasty man :hello:

    I love the really pungent powerful nugs. We all know that smell when you open the jar and the room fills with chron stank, they always smoke the best. :smoke:
    Enjoy it, stay medicated :smoking:
  6. nah its the reflection of the trichromes the only way to get a halfway decent pic with my phone is flash on with the lights off... its not wet tho good n crisp not too dry but it leaves your fingers a sticky mess lol... as for the bong hit, i corner it take like a hit every 2 r 3 hours best bud ive had roll through for awhile

    @ davidtokehead
  7. I hope that was a one-hit bong rip :)
  8. wish i could... got to conserve
  9. those nugs look denser than a brick...have fun
  10. never use brick....

    and nugs in the same sentence! dank bud OP:cool:

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