tasty ice cream

Discussion in 'General' started by j88671, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. i hve an ice cream maker thing, which i use a lot, and last week my friend and i make a very tasty ice cream. my freind grows a lot and we mixed a ton of freash minced pot along with a tradishonal vanilla base. it tasted great and i would avise people to make their own (tastes good w/other falvors too) bon appite!
  2. i made icecream once at camp-im suprized it turned out good. Wasnt it kinda salty? I fugure the weed w/ the homemade shit would taste funky-but thats waaay cool it didnt. U sould put down a recipe
  3. Kewl, a Potsycikle!!! :smoking:
  4. to balence the taste i added a lot of sugar (i like sugar). i want to try a potsycikle! or shaved ice maybe? the possiblities are endless

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