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Tasting Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jayohe12, May 28, 2013.

  1. I can never taste the weed. People say they taste citrus and shit but I don't. Now am I torching the bud to or what?
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    I've been smoking for over five years. not once could I taste bud, the closet I got was tasting a dead bowl - even then, it was pretty vague. I come by some brand name bud too, so you're not alone. Others will most likely suggest vaping at the "middle range" temperature and that usually brings out the most flavor.
  3. I can, it all comes down to your sense of taste and how extensive your marijuana use is. I've heard using hemp wick can increase the amount of flavor you'd be able to taste, because butane has that nasty ass throat burning putrid flavor.
  4. If you want to taste your herb, vaping is easily the way to go. Otherwise, avoid lighters and use other lighting methods such as hemp wick, solar hits, herb irons, etc.
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    Shit I thought I was smoking wrong all this time. Like what the hell. Why does my shit taste like cigarettes.
  6. The taste depends a lot on the quality of the grow and the method of smoking. Like the guys above me recommended, get a good light source, don't use lighters and other contaminated fuels, it kills flavor. Flavor is most distinct in the top of the main cola of any strain.
    I've tasted a lot of different strains and some of them do truly taste of nothing, but others have absolutely blown my mind with smells and tastes ranging from citrus like u mentioned to bubblegum. The best tasting weed I've ever had was after a period of 4-5 days being really sick and hardly eating anything, I figured my tastebuds got way more sensitive and then when I finally lit up my White Berry (which I had tasted a hundred times before) I was truly shocked my how much I could taste. It was litterally like eating a smokey berry pie, my 2g joint (using cellulose paper) was nuked within a couple of minutes. So I guess what I'm saying is maybe you'd taste it more if your tastebuds were more sensitive :)
  7. I agree. I put my top colas in a jar and let them cure for a couple of months in a dark closet I smoke the popcorn buds in the meantime. I harvest in October, and right around christmas, I have some sweet sweet bud.
  8. I smoke for the flavor more than for the effect, where edibles are stronger and more effective. :) Some people just don't have a very good sense of smell or taste, it can be genetic, it can happen due to damage, or they may be tobacco smokers. :p Not only does every strain have a unique taste, but every plant pheno within a strain tastes unique! There are virtually hundreds of flavor-imparting chemicals in cannabis, and in each strain and plant they occur in slightly, to very different ratios. This is why each plant tastes and smells so different. :) If there wasn't such an awesome variety of flavor, I probably wouldn't smoke the stuff nearly as much, if at all.. the taste accounts for 90% of my enjoyment when smoking! I've given entire plants away, because the taste didn't live up to my expectations, and I've been known to let jars of herb I don't care for sit around for months and months. :p If it didn't taste great, or if it always tasted the same, I'd just stick to edibles to get the most bang out of the herb. :) If you want to get your taste buds back, cut out the tobacco, and the artificially flavored synthetic foods and be sure you're eating well and healthy... being zinc and vitamin D deficient can hurt your sense of smell and taste. Living in a dirty, smelly room, can even harbor pathogens that can damage your ability to smell. And nix any prescription or chemical medications you're taking that you may not actually need to take, if possible. That's a GREAT start. :)
    Absolutely! Curing is a must.

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