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Taste of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420cunt, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Alright, what's with everyone saying this weed tastes like strawberries and this tastes like lemon. they all taste SUPER disgusting to me.
    i've been smoken like Lemon Kush, and grape ape, and other good stuff so im sure it should taste good but I eman to me every weed tastes DISGUSTING.

    do I just need to get used to it?
  2. You must be smoking a majority of commercial nugs/high mids, cause them strains you named should typically taste pretty good.
  3. well even if I smoke a grape or strawberry swisher they all taste like the same shit. Even cherry prime times and raspberry primetimes. they allt aste the same to me.
    like shit.
  4. Weed has always tasted great to me, whether from a bowl, a joint, or a nice blunt, it's all good. You may need to get a better connection or ask your guy for some dank.
  5. I get my stuff from the cannabis club soo it better be dank no?
  6. I dont like the taste of weed either...
  7. Taste is a highly personal thing...Some people like the way some things tatse ( garlic, onions, and peppers for example ) and others do not. It's just a simple matter of personal preference.

    If you don't like the taste of bud, but still want to catch a buzz try making brownies or some other food, they usually don't have much of a pot taste to them.
  8. I don't mind the taste though it's not great when your mouth dries out and it's all that you can taste. If they all taste the same to you then just straight up, don't waste your money on them :p If you want, drink something right after you take each hit like orange juice or beer or whatever you like to get the taste out of your mouth.
  9. uhm, those strains actually taste really bad ass.... "_
  10. Its the same way people recognize flavors in things like wine and beer.

    Beer tastes disgusting in my objective opinion. However once you've tasted a variety of beers, you start to notice nuances and hints of flavors and aromas. Its within the bad taste that you find good tastes.

    So from an external perspective, all weed tastes like burning plant. From a developed internal perspective, hints notes and nuances of flavor arise in the taste.

    It takes practice and concentration to develop a understanding of the tastes of weed and how to recognize them.
  11. i personally love the taste and smell of some good weed, it's such a nice smell.

    and blowing out and tasting some of that lavender kush shit it tastes great.
  12. Make sure you roll the blunt/joint properly or it will be harsh as fuck...
  13. Love the smell, but I, too, can't taste the specific flavour of the weed (blueberry, for example). I can definitely pick up that different strains taste differently, but sometimes I feel like you guys are making all this up. :p
  14. try vaping instead :hello: deeeelicious
  15. No, you just have bad taste.

    Stay away from hydroponically grown bud, as almost ALL hydro that I smoke tastes a bit like 'hay'. Organic bud is by far the best tasting, but cost a bit more.

  16. i think the problem here is that you need to stop smoking dank weed in blunts only. blunts make any weed taste worse imo. try smoking out of clean glass or a vape and tell me your dank tastes like shit :rolleyes:
  17. I agree. The first few hits taste pretty good but after your mouth dries up, it can get pretty disgusting.
  18. So my guy just told me that the best way to taste the weed is by using a pipe.
  19. i have some gdp right now and it is deliciously sweet try curing them for a week after you buy em to see if you could pull out more flavor my guy has the most perfect tasting weed but i prettty much buy purple all of the time mixed in with other strains like great white shark and some grandaddy purple smells like some exotic fruit and is so smooth and sweet but grape ape and all that takes a few weeks of curing for good flavor
  20. Nothing beats the taste of some super dank bud in the VAPE. I had some dank called purple mango and it tasted like fruit loops in my Extreme vape. :smoke:

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