Taste Of Soft Couche?

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  1. I was thinking of how to descrie the taste of pussy, what i came up wit was Deliciously Tangy, with a lil kick to your taste buds. in detail how would you describe it?? lol, sry if this is weird i just wanna see how others describe it.:rolleyes:
  2. bomb alll i gotta say is i ate some earlier :D:D
  3. Take it to the box....

    Can't say I would know, unfortionatly.
  4. so is my description about on the dot? or got something to add?
  5. i wouldnt say it's the taste,,,,,,

    it's more primordial,,,,,it's the scent.....

    one good smell of some freshly washed pussy,,,,,,and im a neantherthal all over.....

    its the smell,,,,:cool:
  6. Mmm.

    I'm sure I'll eat some all through out the day.
  7. LMAO!! Tangy !...

    I love it... Its an aquired taste...

    General rule... If you can smell it before you see it, prepare yourself lol!
  8. They say 80% of taste is actually smelling. Anyways, chicken.
  9. Sometimes it tastes like nothing, sometimes like thousand island dressing, and at bad times like unwashed bellybutton. Im a better fingerer anyways thank god
  10. Thousand Island dressing? Really?? Her pussy tastes like pickles, mayo and ketchup? :eek:
  11. Honestly one of my biggest fears is dyeing in a motorcycle crash and having the last thought before my head hits the curb be "fuck, I don't even know what pussy tastes like."

    I watched a documentary that said that once a man get's the scent of vaginal secretions he can no longer reliably judge the attractiveness of women.
  12. I've seen that too.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U2_Y0lYtHA"]scent of a woman plane scene!! - YouTube[/ame]

    So fucking true!
  13. When mine isn't being sketchy..(pH imbalance??) it tastes sweet and tangy.
  14. :confused: you a contortionist? don't lie : P
    srs, how'd you find this out?
  15. No but when my boyfriend fingers me, I enjoy licking my juices off his fingers. Or if he fucks me half the time he finishes in my mouth so again I taste it.:)
  16. duh :facepalm::eek: my critical thinking skills aren't all that great lol...
  17. Once again. Plane ticket....waiting...LOL!
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    Bahaha i wish. Im a fatty and thats my fetish
  19. Never any shame in having fetishes my man! I just found your description pretty...unique. So I couldn't resist.

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