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    Hey hey hey hey,

    Any Blades on here ever hear of TaskRabbit?  

    TaskRabbit.com is a website/app that works like this:

    1) You register.
    2) a: You post a Task.
        b: You begin doing Tasks.
    3) You profit.

    Tasks range from inputting data into spreadsheets to delivering cupcakes to someone's girlfriend at her workplace and reciting her a poem to meeting Snoop Dogg to buy a pair of Snoop Lion cleats.  You can post a task for just about anything.  The weirdest one I've seen yet was "Scratch My Head for One Hour."  It was the posters birthday, and he wanted a scratch massage, for an hour, for $40.

    I've been working with TaskRabbit since January, and recently quit my other job in order to start working for TaskRabbit full-time.  

    Some tasks are Quick Assign, in which the TaskPoster sets the price, and you click a button and get assigned to it.  Most tasks are open for bids, in which you say how much you will do the task for, either hourly or flat-rate.  

    I just wanted to spread the word about this awesome system.  Check it out.  It's in many major cities.

    P.S.  I did the Snoop Dogg task.  

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    have you tried any similar services like fiverr? if so how does it compare?

    edit: oh, this is real world focused. interesting
  4. I haven't tried fiverr, and I like to avoid virtual tasks.  I try to take as many jobs as I can that require a lot of physical activity.  I do a lot of moving and landscaping tasks.  

    Some of them are so cool.  It's an amazing way to work.  One of my tasks was to drive a woman from LA to Orange County, in her own car, and then hang out somewhere while she was in a meeting.  She just let me take her car around when she was in the meeting.  I had packed a lunch and brought my guitar and a book, and we were just 5 minutes from the beach, so I just went and chilled at the beach all day.  

    Another time someone booked me to go to the beach and reserve a fire pit for them.


    On the 10th anniversary of Kind Bars, they hired me to pack Kind Bars into boxes, and in as a tip they gave me Kind Bars and a cool shirt that says, "Do the Kind Thing" :)

    A couple days ago I built a bed for an associate of RapGenius who tipped me with a RapGenius lighter and a cool t-shirt that says "PoetryGenius"

    If you live in a TaskRabbit city, I recommend you hop on it and see what you can do.  
  5. i wish i did, seems exactly like my kind of thing. i use fiverr and similar from time to time both to offer services and outsource work, id totally be down for real life odd jobs.
  6. dude thanks for sharing this!! this is way way cool, had no idea services like this even existed, shit's a good idea
    happy toking
  7. Its in my area (SF bay area) but all the posts seem to be old. Do I have to sign in to see current tasks?
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  8. Very glad to turn anyone on to a good thing :)
    It's funny, everyone I've asked how they found out about TaskRabbit found out about it through a friend that learned about it from a friend who so on and so on I assume.  I learned about it when a coworker at my old job hired a TaskRabbit to pick his wallet up from another county and bring it to him during our lunch break.

    I don't know how to see tasks at all if you're not signed in.

    There's a drop-down menu at the top left of the "Open Tasks" page that says "Fewest Bids."  If you click that and select, "Newly Posted," they'll be sorted chronologically.

    Soon, TaskRabbit is changing to a new system, where instead of placing bids for jobs, you set hourly rates for each Task category, and then when someone posts a Task, they're presented with a variety of TaskRabbits that work in that area.  It's been tested in London for the past several months and has shown good results.  At first I was averse to the change, but after a meeting we had recently, I feel confident that it will be just as enjoyable an experience as TaskRabbit has proven to be so far.

    If TaskRabbit isn't in your city, you can register your zipcode to increase demand for their expansion to your area.
  9. Livin that Snipes life.
  10. What's the reference?
  11. if i had to guess its because you dont pay taxes on the collected money you earn. like wesley snipes.
  12. It's not like that so much.  I'm still responsible for paying taxes.  
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    In an episode of "Workaholics" the boys discover Task Rabbit, in a bid to have their DIY water slide sanded down. In turn, they discover a hidden talent for clownin', becoming Rancho Cucamonga's hottest clown troupe - making enough money for themselves to live like Wesley Snipes:
    I only wish this was the true meaning of my reference.

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