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  1. so i have 6 seeds with the cup method and 6 with the paper towel. some of my cup seeds have cracked and i can see a root but it has yet to really emerge how far out should it bee before i plant it. also how long should i let seeds sit in cups and paper towels before i give up on them? they ve been in both mediums since friday and none of the paper towel ones have shown signs of sprouting
  2. Well do u have the paper towel in a sandwich bag? speeds the germination up faster, ive read alot about the cup method killing the seeds too. 1-2-3 weeks top depends on how long u feel like waiting..
  3. oh alright and yes the paper towels are in a plastic bag in a dark little space on top of the cable box i am mostly curious about how far out the root needs to be before planting cus some in my cup have the tip of a little root sticking out but they havent really come out very far should they grow out a little or do they just need to pop open at the end before planting
  4. my method and trials come to this.

    important to have a warm DARK place. i would take the seeds that are in the cup and put them in the paper towel method.

    cuz the seeds need air since they absorbed enough water in the cup. but still keep the paper towel moist.

    i ussually wait till they are half inch long slightly shorter is ok.

    too long is possible but u know riskier to damage the root.

    what strain are u planting?
  5. Yes, they just need to crack open before you plant them. If you let them go too long the taproot could grow into the paper towel which would be bad.
  6. alright thanks and its just some bag seeds collected little bits of the best mid me and my friends had around the last few months they ve been picked through for the better ones fairly well
  7. 24-36 hours in distilled water cup. I wait until taproot barely shows or seed just cracks open with some white showing. Then cover in 1/4 inch soil white tap root UP.
  8. taproot up?
  9. yes if it's just emerging after 24-36 hours in water. If you leave it longer and it gets longer then DOWN.
  10. well why put it up when its just cracked rather than down does it make it easier for it to grow out or something?
  11. Ideally, you would put them in dirt as soon as it cracks. You don't want to leave a cracked seed in a glass of water too long because they drown.

    A lot of times, I just put them in dirt from the cup whether they're cracked or not after about 48 hours. It's mainly just a pre-soak used to speed up the activation process of the seed.
  12. oh well thats what i did last time with no success with like 40 seeds but i took the ones that cracked out today after about 3 days and planted them with two from the paper towels as well. i did put alot more in the cup though cus they seemed to be doing better than those in the paper towel
  13. I usually leave them 24-36 hours as sicleg explained it's just to rehydrate them. Then, place them pointy tip up. If the tap root is coming out by 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) or more place downards. If it's not out, just place the seed pointy side up.
  14. say for example you have a tap root bout 1-2 cm

    do i cover the taproot AND seed coat in dirt?
  15. Yes sir...about a 1/4 inch deep
  16. if it's long I just cover the tap root (placed downwards -in soil-) and leave the seed coat sticking out its head above ground. Good question!
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    How come you do pointy tip up?
  18. I thought it was up? Idk just put the seed on the side lol and watch it grow. BUt I think it's up normally (if the root isn't out).
  19. Umm I accidentally cut a small part of my baby's tap root it had full came out of the seed coat.
    It's been alive all day...
    :( im hoping for The best

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