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  1. I'm interested in a detailed explanation as to how someone could tap into power lines. How do they do it without getting shocked? Also, how do they downgrade the voltage because wouldn't it be way to many volts for a normal electrical line to carry?

    Please spare the lecture on why someone should not do it because thats not what the thread is about.
  2. well , unless your an electrican i wouldnt fuck with a power line,

    ever see pictures of dead animals on powerlines

    if you try this that will be you hanging by your burnt feet,

    yes there is a way to do there is a way to get two phase from a 120 volt power supply in your house

    it takes engineering, but i think you would be arrested before you successfully did it, cops dont like people putting anything on power lines but shoes
  3. ive seen on TV some guy tapped into his meter thing on the side of his house to setup a huge grow op. minus the electricity bill... he didnt mess with the actual power lines, just the ticker
  4. yeah... you either tap into the meter and tamper with it so it doesn't show accurate readings or you bypass it altogether so it doesn't give any readings for what you're using it for. people have also tapped into their neighbor's power but that's not a nice thing to do unless you hate your neighbor haha. i wouldn't ever try to steal power. you'd really have to know what you were doing or it could be very dangerous... electrically fried limbs and explosive meters lol. wouldn't be necessary anyways unless you were running a huge grow op... how big are you planning for the grow? just out of curiosity..
  5. sounds pretty damn crazy.
    let me know if it works
  6. First thing you should do is not post it on the internet. Not only for security issues, but because you probably wouldn't get a DETAILED explanation from anyone on here because anyone who's actually done it wouldn't talk about it on the internet. You'd have better chances googling.
  7. last year my science teacher (a stoner ;) ) explained to the class ow those meters work, they use a magnite...
    he said if u put an electromagnite on the right part it will slow the counter, if u stop it completly the electricty company would know and either sue u or get u arrested.
    if u do attemp this be sure that u know exactly what ur doing.

    and tapping power lines would be farly simple if u had the balls to do it, just splice the wire right after the transformer closest to ur house, that would be 120 volts, but dont try it, theres a chance the power could arc (u dont even have to touch the wire) and kill u.

    i read a story about a guy that tryed to see how high he could get on one of those 125,000 volt power line (see pic) anyway, he got fried about 10 feet from the nearest wire
  8. dude if u have to tap into power then u shouldn't be growing. how much u plan on growing anyways the whole damn house full? if not and u just want a 1000 watt hps noone would even kno and you would only play about 15 bux xtra a month?
  9. more like an extra 50 bucks a month...

    I'm not sure if that magnet thing would work anymore. a few months ago my power company replaced the old-style meter with a digital meter. anyone else have these now too?
  10. Okay, heres how the pros do it:
    Call the power company and telll them you are haveing an electrician over to repair your service. They will turn off your power.
    Just a little schematic (sp?) I whipped up! Dont get caught! :smoking:

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  11. dude thats a federal offense go right ahead ill see you in prison
  12. even if its an xtra 50 bux if u had a whole room full of pot then u will make that 50 bux 100 times over. like i said if u ain't got the money then u shouldn't be using high power stuff like that. if u try to steal it u can get shocked,killed or caught and get in big trouble for stealing. i say don't do it. but hell what do i kno?
  13. You can't call the power company and ask them to terminate your power because an electrician is coming over...

    They will tell you to go to your meter and right under the reader is a box and to flip the switch.

    Sorry to say but, theres no power switch on the power pole.
  14. u wouldnt catch me going on a powerline to steal electricity, some ones u can hear the current going through them, i dont think weed > being shocked.. thats gotta suck to be zapped to death
  15. Yeah just dont do it...haha. for real. you'll die.
  16. Yes, it's not worth the possible injury and/or death. Not to mention the heavy fines and possible jail time. Certainly not worth it. Now if you were going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars I might consider it for a quick second. Anything less, is just not worth it.
  17. If you feel you need to tap into a powerline for a large scale grow, I wouldn't do it. That is how most grow-ops in my area get busted.

    If your intent on it find a shady electrician and bribe him to do it for you...
  18. ok heres a suggestion

    magnet on the right side of the meter duct taped on properly will slow down the wheel

    i know someone who does it you just have to know when its meter reading time and take that bitch offf..... the person that does this cooks stuff of a illegal persuation that takes alot of electric .......

    note : this will cut ur bill in half but very risky ... i looked it up and you WILL get 10 years in prison for that .......but dont worry youll only serve 7 and bubba will keep you company ...and give you other things .....
  19. I grow in a crawlspace and was tired of running extension cords so I tapped into my houses power. Its very easy, just shut down all power to your house (breaker box) and find the romex cable you want to tap into, cut it and strip it you will find 3 wires a + a - and a ground. I bought an outlet box and an outlet at lowes for about 80c and wired it up. If I wanted I could make the circuit go to another power outlet but I have no need....yet.

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