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  1. an old friend of mine has been in trouble with the law lately so he really hasn't been able to hang out with the "crew." Anyways I got some really nice bud today so I decided to give him a call to see if he wanted any and the conversation was as follows:
    Me:whats up man?
    Friend:nothing, what have you been up to?
    Me:same just hanging out with people, smoking, hey I was wondering if you needed any bud.
    Friend:no man I dont fuck with that shit!
    Me:WTF? dude we smoked...(interupted)
    Friend:I'm going out of town, I'm going to a psychiatric/rehab hospital, my phone was tapped.

    He hung up right then, now I am paranoid. What do you guys think?
  2. Hey man whuts up? I think if you grow you might want to think about packin shit away. If you just toke the piggys can't do much but slap you with a fine (depending on amount caught with) On the other hand if he grew and you ever talked about over the phone just play it safe and make sure you don't have any large amounts on you for awhile. Most piggys are lazy as hell and don't want to work very hard to make a bust. Plus it's not that easy for them to get a warrant to search your home. Play it safe and keep it simple STONER! PEACE OUT:D
  3. They don't tell you if they tap your phones. It was prolly either someone at yours or his house unless you were using cell phones. But even when I talk on mine it sometimes picks up other signals. They definitly would'nt have told you they were tappin the lines.
  4. yeah man, my dealer neeeevvvver talks on the phone. just ask him to come hang out and conduct all your buisness in person!
  5. possibly..not sure..:S
  6. :eek: look out behind you!!!!!!!!!!!

    nah im just fucking with you. You will probably be fine.....probably
  7. yeah dude don't even worry about it

    plus, he also said: my phone was tapped.

    and if they were currently tapping it he wouldnt tell you or theyd bust the shit out of him

    who knows, but dont sweat it
  8. Hell, if my phone was tapped the first thing I'd say to everyone who called me would be: "My phone is tapped."

    I hate this new patriot act shit.
  9. yeah i was having a discussion with one of my professors today and they brought up how the government is listening in and documenting MANY phone calls and listening in to more than just one to try and catch "terrorist" type activities. Not just select people either from what he said, a lot of people. Kind of disturbing. Never give up your freedoms people. Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither
  10. Phone taps are sneaky shit.
  11. yeah I grow but im not worried anymore I moved my setup to a friends house and im just going to let him finish growing this crop since its just a bagseed grow and he has wanted to grow for a while but hasnt had any money to get a setup so its all good!
  12. Could be lieing.

    Ive known people to do it.

    Straight stupid.

    They'll be like, I picked up the phone and heard weird noises for a second before it got a dial tone. Its tapped. Or they supposviley heard somebody on the line quietly

    Bullshit IMO.
  13. ^they were prob blazed at the time and being paranoid heard thought they heard somethin...

    and yea dont be sayin dumb shit on the phone and there wont be any problems
  14. Yeah I'm not surprised about a phone tap it happent to my boy and his friend
  15. Hmmm, Well im not sure how the patriot act has changed things but i belive the police are not allowed to continously tap phone lines. Basically they have to get a warrent for thr tap and then they can only listen in for a certain amount of time and if nothing pertaining to the investigation was found they have to hang up...At least that was before the patriot act but like i said im not sure weather or not that has changed things for the phone tapping laws.

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