Tapeworm in toilet help

Discussion in 'General' started by Tibusno, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I found this in my toilet. I don't remember shitting anything but I tried and peed at the same time. Is this a tapeworm that came back up from my shit earlier. Wtf is it panicking
    Am I infected with more than one?

    Also when it was in my pee water it was flat and gray with a dark brown spot and when I touched with a qtip it turned into a ball then I smeared it and that's the picture

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  2. Yeah, you probably ate some uncooked pork.
  3. Dude wtf?? Looks like resin or something. Or weird lookin dried up shit.
  4. Fucking nasty bro! Get to tha doctor ASAP!
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    Well if I shit it out then thats the only one probably right? It's impossible for them to reproduce unless I ate a male and female or do they have some crazy way of reproducing?

    edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praziquantel FUCK YES I LOVE THE WORLD. CALLING DOCTOR ASAP HOPEFULLY THEY ARE OPEN
  6. Glad I'm not you man. Life's gonna be rough from here on out.
  7. I digested some pork and beef stew earlier at around 815 ~5 hours for christmas eve dinner. I doubt that was the cause...? No way I shit it out that fast? Is it possible it just came up from the sewer in the toilet?
  8. You made an account on a weed website just to post this? hahhaha, but anyways... don't worry man it's probably not even yours. Still, go get checked out. It's not worth any serious health risks.
  9. New username. My old one had a lot of open minded/counter culture posts. But this is bullshit because all I remember doing is farting and trying to shit but I just ended up peeing. I remember pooping one time but no way a worm comes out like that. My only question is... If I just shit it out what are the chances I have more? I really dont want to take medication that is currently in "research" progress. Do these suckers multiply badly? I cant figure out which specific one I have. I wish you guys could help a bit more.
  10. just be thankful it wasnt alot worse.. ive heard of people having them fill up their entire intestines, and had them sticking out of their ass after taking a shit, and literally pulling the entire thing out of your ass.. all how ever many feet worth of intestines it took up... just pulling an pulling and pulling, feeling it just coming and coming.. holy shit thats disgusting. ^^ TWENTY SIX FEET!! MY FUCKING GOD, IMAGINE PULLING 26 FEET OF WORM OUT YOUR ASS HOLE.

    yeah you made of GOOD on this one dude!!:hello::hello:
  11. So what you're telling me is that I just shit out the only tapeworm in my body? Now that I think about having them it's kinda making me placebo and feeling like my intestines hurt/heartburn but I know it's just in my head. I really hope this is the only one
  12. I'm starting to get the feeling you're that lerf guy...
  13. More info help indentify

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  14. it's a tape worm, wouldn't develop in five hours though; I highly suggest setting up a appointment as soon as possible, keep checking regularly & keep aware of any sudden changes in health
  15. I was shitting while reading this, Merry Christmas to you too ....

  16. Merry Christmas to you too. Guess I'm just going to have to take Praziquantel. Shit isn't even legal in the UK for human consumption. BUT FUCK IT, Let's use me as a test subject to advance human medicine.
  17. you probably just ate a salad and are now whipping a piece of shit lettuce all over your toilet seat...i don't know i'm not doctor just a thought.

  18. I am 100% sure it's a living organism.

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