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tape your doors shut

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokemycivic, May 16, 2011.

  1. will taping your doors and vents shut allow you to hotbox your room without ANY smoke escaping?
  2. Try it and let us know.
  3. just put a wet towel under the door
  4. ^^^'s the dorm trick!
  5. Close vents, towel under doors, windows shut, fans off, and you should be set. Note that you most likely won't be able to completely seal it off.
  6. I see what you did there...
  7. ;) 5char.
  8. Its probably safer to test it out by taping up your butthole and then ripping one to see if any smell gets out.

  9. You know that smoke rises, right?
  10. maybe...
    but even better, it'll probably keep those fucking stink bugs from finding a way into my room while i'm sleeping.
    thanks op, gonna try it.
  11. Where will the smoke go when you're done? more importantly where will you go? eh?
  12. Nasty what the fuck.
  13. first time i saw someone tape there door was like last month.

    it was weird but i just over looked it.
    we smoked a very very fat headband joint

    like smells came out but not as much.. u would need to be at the otherside of the door with good weed senses.
    but he also had a window fan.
  14. Never understood towel under the door, smoke rises...I do close my vent though.
  15. You guys need a short lesson in heat transfer...

    Smoke doesn't neccessarily rise. Smoke rises because the air is hot. Hot air rises because it is less dense (lighter) than cold air. The smoke particles are solid. They're just floating in the air current. Once everything is the same temperature, the smoke particles will eventually settle. Smaller particles could take days/weeks.

    The point is that a towel under your door prevents smoke from getting out from under your door because smoke only rises while it's hot.

  16. Glad I'm not the only one that realized this. Some pot heads are not the most educated.
  17. Use a wet towel. Once the air's cooled, the smoke parltickles is gonna sink because it's heavy. Alot falls out suspension, but what doesn't is going to drift along the floor until it gets cold enough to, or collides with something else it wants to dissolve in. This is the double-action of the wet towel. Cold, and wet.

  18. I think it's mostly used to prevent smell from getting out. That's what I've always used it for anyway.
  19. In my opinion, by the time the smoke settles and finds its way to the bottom of your door, and then leaves, it wont smell anymore. Atleast not enough for someone to go "oh! that smells like pot! best call the Dorm advisor and/or police!"
  20. The towel under the door is used to prevent the smell from getting out, like GutteralShiva said.

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