Tapatalk not connecting to gc and website acting funny

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forums App' started by Upinsmoke420365, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Any ideas whats going on? Screenshot_20170729-114856.png Screenshot_20170729-114837.png
  2. I'd imagine DDOS? Lol It sucks... maybe if the browser on the phone ran as smooth as the apps... though I'm still waiting on that magical grasscity update for IOS.... can always dream...
  3. We are aware. I will tag @Lizard King so he can explain if he wants but he is very busy today; hence why you are experiencing that. ;)
  4. I was getting that too, after refreshing the app a few times it worked.

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  5. Seems to be working now.

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  6. Sweet thanks for the heads up I had quit checking haha
  7. We have been facing some attacks for the last couple days thats why we increased security to max levels today. However as of now you should have no issue on connecting. If this goes on please let us know.

    If you are from Russia not much we can to atm , all country is blocked from our servers atm.
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  8. I heard trumps behind the Russians ddos'ing us o_O

    Grow journal

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