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  1. Look at the 5way test strip that I pulled from my tap water that's been sitting open for two days! Can someone see how high the pH level is? It's so high.. Alkalinity is beyond 240
    Total hardness is about 400
    Chlorine/Bromine is 1/2 or maybe 2/4
    And cyanuric acid level is at about 200

    Psst. Do u see the sediment at the bottom of the water cooler? Just recently, my town was on the new for contaminated water. (Google: Sauk Village water problem) vinyl chloride was the culprit

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  2. Now tell me I can let this water sit open and still use it for my plants? I'm not that silly
  3. Try a Brita faucet filter then get a 3 gallon jug and air pump/air stone for water storage.


    A RO system, Ive seen them for under $80 shipped.
  4. As you've been BANNED there is really very little incentive to help you....other than that you gotta ask why you tested the ph of your water in the first place.

    Good Luck


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