Tap water ph is 8. Wanting to do DWC. Need help

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  1. Wanting to try dwc as i made a bucket. only trouble is my tap water is 8. Will adding ph balanced nutes help or is 8 too high and will i always have to add ph down? I did a trial run with a soil transplanted plant and didnt use proper hydro nutes and the ph seemed to climb up quite quickly and i had to keep adding ph down to keep it in a good range. Within a week the plant had grown little and was droopy and it was taking up more space than it was worth so i killed the plant to make room for bigger plants that are now flowering in soil.

    I want to give dwc a proper shot. Were my main problems due to the fact that i wasnt using proper nutes? Thats what im thinking but my main concern is that my ph may be too high for it to be worth always tweaking the ph all the time. My next grow i want to do a mixture of organic soil, coco and a dwc plant all in one box. I know its alot to handle but i think im up for it.

    Ive currently got a small plant in coco and im using the same nutes as what i used on the dwc. The coco plant is looking good and is getting good growth. Im sort of thinking coco might be more suited to me but i want to give everything a go and become a more rounded grower!
  2. Use pH down, its the only way you'll get any kind of accuracy.

    You dont want to use organic nutrients and soil in a DWC (and I think the advice goes for all hydro), organic matter and high oxygen concentrations is asking for microbial growth and you'll get everything clogged up
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  3. Thanks for the reply man. When it comes to a standalone dwc bucket, what exactly is there to be clogged up?
  4. Airstone I guess, never really thought about it
  5. use distilled water in your tank, change the water once a week or RO filter pumps are really handy. Also with tap water I worry more about nutrients dissolved in the water already. I'd get a water test done first.
  6. I use 550ppm, 8pH tap water in hydro. When I add 1tsp MaxiBloom per gallon its pretty much perfect at 5.8-5.9 rarely do I have to add pH down and when I do its a few drops.
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  7. Thanks guys just the answers i was looking for.

    Greensheep, my tap waters ppm is 072 on average with my tds meter. this should be near enough shouldnt it? I dont think its really worth me buying distilled water so id have to invest in a filter. Thing is im only just experimenting with dwc at the moment, im not sure if it is for me or not. Im going to find out so my current tap water should be fine for now. I think.....
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  8. I need the same help. Maxibloom seems super strong numbers Wise? Is this the only nute you use throughout grow?

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