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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Arnack, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Folks, please ignore my silly avatar. I uploaded it roughly 15 years ago. I’m not an internet wiz as I use to be, so I can’t figure out how to change it. Nor am I a commie. At least, anymore.

    What I am, however, after a decade of arguing online and offline, going through major life experiences and trials, getting married and realizing the real world is real, that I now consider myself a MODERATE.

    I guess my father was right when he said “it was just a phase”. In the last 7 years I’ve advised county and state political campaigns on data collection and digital advertising. I run a for profit marketing agency, but in my free time I provide my services to campaigns and candidates. It’s been truly enlightening when a colleague or an opposing party opens up a dialogue, debate, or argument that challenges my core beliefs.

    I guess I’m trying to convey is to always be open minded. Attempt to research every side of a story, statistic, poll, or “fact”.

    16 or 17 years I’ve been apart of this community on and off and I’ve learned so much. In this forum I debated against libertarians during the Ron Paul flood of 08, for some reason I attempted to defend North Korea, and much later I argued for Mitt Romney. It’s been a wild ride folks, and I credit a lot of my current thought process to the memories I’ve here— and every single person that argued against me. Thank you.

    I don’t 420 blaze it much anymore (actually for the first time in two years I smoked weed last week. I went on a YouTube bender about civil war revisionism) but I still consider myself a blade. Blade, right? That’s what we called ourselves, I think
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  2. Awesome, man. I could've written a similar post, and maybe have.

    I marched with marxists in Copenhagen and threw a bottle at a cop when I was 15. USA was evil, capitalism evil, the West evil, etc, Fahrenheit 9/11 and all that. Matured quite a bit since then, and have benefited massively from getting the American perspective on personal freedom, as well as the ex-Soviet perspective on communism from very close contact with Lithuanians. I still vote social democrat in the Norwegian context, but I guess you could say I've become a radical moderate over the years. I think the biggest enemy today is polarization, and the people making it hard for the rest of us are the single-minded tribalites.

    Either way, welcome back to the subforum, and please be aware that it's a jungle of shit these days. Expect a lot of angry nonsense. :laughing:
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  3. Hey! I remember you, same avatar and all!

    Everything you've written, I couldn't have said better. Marxists in Denmark have at least actually read Das Kapital, compared to the Marxists here in the Southern USA who probably read a quarter of the Communist Manifesto-- equals to about 15 pages I think?

    Maybe I'm over/under exaggerating, but that's just from what I've seen and read personally. And yep, Fahrenheit 9/11 was a religious text of mine, and Moore was a religious figure to me. Now... well, not a fan at all.

    Thanks for your words, but if I remember correctly this subforum has always been a shitshow. A great, diverse shitshow, which is always fun. Reddit is an echo chamber, and I can't stand it. Opposing opinions make the world go round.

    Polarization is absolutely the enemy, as an American it's getting exhausting. You're one or the other. I get called a socialist bootlicker by far rights, and the far left calls me an unforgiving selfish capitalist that hates the poor. Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.
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  4. To continue the line where you left it - here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Cautiously optimistic about the rise of the moderates.
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  5. Radical centrism hated by both sides. I think that's a nice middle ground to stand on. Thanks for your warm welcome.
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  6. Take a look around the Religion subforum just above this one. I hang around there. If you're recovering from troubles in your life, I can talk to you about Christ and His stories. That's all I say on that :)

    Welcome back to the forum. If you want your avatar changed, pm me and I can see about helping you. I recently changed mine. Though I don't know how to change the "Well-known member thing"

    Not saying you have to. Get back in the swing of things and be comfortable! Prayers.
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  7. It used to be filled with libertarians an anarchists but as time went on it seemed like this place was inundated with regressive boomers who gush over statism while on a weed forum.
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  8. I've come full circle during my life. In my late teens/early 20's I would have identified as an anarchist (a traditional one, not a US type financial anarchist). I then dipped my toes in Communism, Socialism and Libertarianism over the years. I'm ashamed now to confess I even sucked Ron Paul's cock for a while...

    Nowadays in my late 40's I'm back where I started, an anarchist. There's no such thing as a government that has the people's interest at heart. All politicians are parasites with hidden agendas IMO.

    I attended a few Antifa protests before the lockdown and have spent the past few barren months getting back in shape and ready for battle when the world opens up again. The fight for true freedom from oppressive government is a righteous one and unless something radical happens to me I'm going to dedicate the rest of my days to that.
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