Tangerine Dream

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  1. Anyone grown out any of this strain would love to know results.
  2. well it did win the cannabis cup so i guess it is a good strain....
  3. Im aware happened to come by some beans and was hoping for some in depth from some one who had grown this particular strain out.
    but, thanks for the reply all the same.
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    there are at least 2 phenotypes. a shorter, more indica type, and a taller, lankier sativa like. the sativa phenotype stretches something serious when you flip the switch. also, at least the sativa pheno seems to be easily succeptible to nute burn.
  5. Thats beautiful exactly the info I was looking for. Lets talk about that sativa pheno stretching. say you flip the switch at a foot to 16' what would you say the end products height would be?
    Thank you so much.
  6. i would say about 5 foot ish. maybe more or less depending on variables (mainly pot size). if you can get one of the indica phenos, i would reccomend keeping a mother! also, forgot to add, they seem to like a slightly higher temperature than average.
  7. The sativa neveille phenyo is a very light feeder with redish stems. The seeds are hard to germ so use lots of extra heat to germ the seeds. I had only 1 of three seeds pop. I don't think anyone has finished a grow yet as seeds were only available to Barneys farim prior to cannabis cup.

    I challenge anyone to post some flowering pics cause I got a huge veger goin on three months.
  8. Wow, i like everything im hearing and I couldnt agree with you more on the indica pheno! I have only just begun my road w/ the tangerine D i will let everyone know how she goes.
    As for that 3 footer in veg what you doing with that? Mother,fixing to flower? what? I am curious to know the time length by the time she starts showing her colors.
    Thanks again for all the replys .
    Knowledge is key ..
  9. I'm two weeks out from running two of these seeds and a kalashinakova.
  10. Must have got the same pack as me, I hope to do the same. only gonna grab a mother out of this batch of TD first and then well c about the kalishnikova, received a exodus cheese as well curious about the cheese never smoked something that boast cheese on the name.
  11. I've got 5 of them 5 weeks into flowering. Out of 6 seeds, 5 germed.

    All of them are under 1000W with temps averaging 79-82 during lights on and 67-72 lights off. The humidity has been rather low at around 30-35% but I'm trying to get it to 40-45%. They are all in 3 gallon pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest 60%, FF Light Warrior 20%, 20% Chunky Perlite. They need water every other day and Ph is important with the sativas.

    3 of them are very tall sativas
    1 of them is a whispy short wimpy sativa
    1 of them is mainly indica and it got topped for that fact

    The three tall sativa's are 6'7", 5'11" and 5'9". The fourth sativa is a wimpy one and is about 29 inches. The indica bushed out well and looks like it will be killer. I should have kept it as a mother but I will at least attempt a re-veg on it.

    Out of the three tall sativas, there is one that is incredible. It is perfectly green, 5'11", takes the nutes well and has dense buds for a sativa. The cola is about 36" long and is gonna take two hands to fit around it by the time it's done. I'll try to reveg that one too if the smoke is good because it's super easy to grow and the yield will be incredible. It's also super crystally and has been since week 2 of flowering.

    Good luck! :D
  12. Pics of these god like plants?
  13. I had 10 beans with only 1 failing to germinate.
    4 of the 9 didn't make it in my grow room as they were very stunted and looked a bit mutated.
    The remaining 5 however grew well, all to a height of about 10"-12". 4 of these were mostly sativa and 1 which had a little more indica. This plant seemed to top itself very early on and continue to do so until it resembled a large wedding bouqet.
    They were flicked to 12/12 lighting at 12" and they stretched like crazy, continuing until around week 7, by which time all 5 had grown way past the estimated height given by barneys farm and their 10 week flower time seemed way off as they had only just started to produce flowering sites.
    Im now in week 15 of flower and the 4 heavily sativa plants have a week or so to go, but should yield average amounts of very crystally bud even if it looks a bit whispy.
    The 1 plant with slightly more indica than the rest. aka the beast is just about ready and looks sett to yield close to double figures of reasonably dense, crystally, smelly bud.
    I have no camera as yetbut will be getting 1 soon ive also taken cuttings from the beast so will post my next grow.
  14. I'll take that challenge...of course, I just started germinating my TDs. How long are you letting it veg? You could have a plant that barney's says can get 500 G a sq/m ....sounds nice. So is it impossible to tell the pheno in veg, must if be flowered to tell?

    Thanks for the info, I just saw this thread and will be pinging it often.
  15. Have you started the TDs yet?

  16. Yo bro, any updates? I'm curious about the TDs...it seems the strain isn't too stable, as folks are having all types of different growth characteristics.

    Let us know!!
  17. its the craziest strain i have ever seen, 10 weeks into flower and giving it an extra week, i have a set of completely different plants, one is incredible, with bud formations the size of my arm and the sweetest tangerine smell, another two share this smell but with small wispy buds, one is terrible. It looks like it is about 6 weeks behind, yet was planted exactly the same time as the others, they are all a bit out of control in size, bigger than I expected anyway but I am really looking forward to sampling the results to see if it compares to the tangerine I smoked in Amsterdam, yet have already decided never to grow this strain again (after my clones which I have put into flowering much earlier) due to how unpredictable it is
  18. Thanks for sharing. I just popped 3 fem seeds, they all sprouted and seem to be rooting into my medium. I am hoping to get a good indica-like plant out of those 3 and use it as a mom. I can't wait to try it, I hope the longer flowering time is worth it!

    Keep me posted!

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