Tangerine dream, SLH, Big Band

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  1. Hey everybody!
    This is my first grow journal so I'll try to keep up with it. I'll give you the details now and post some pics next

    Indoor soil grow 3 parts ocean forest and 1 part paralite (perfect drainage in my opinion, might try a different soil next) in 3 gal pots

    1 big band (head band + big bud)
    2 tangerine dream
    4 super lemon haze
    1 ? One got mixed up between SLH and TD so won't know till the strain characteristics are more obvious.

    Veg - 400 watt MH, 1 85w cfl blue spec, and 1 85w cfl red spectrum (for root growth support)

    Nutes - AN: micro grow and bloom, B52 and voodoo juice. Will also add big bud, bud candy and overdrive during flowering.

    Also next week or maybe this weekend I will be cloning, I'm debating on using 5 gal pots instead and I'll be trying out different mediums so any input is more than welcome

    I hope you all enjoy this journal as much as I enjoy growing!
  2. Starting from the back rom left to right

    SLH. TD. BB. TD

    SLH. SLH. ? SLH

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  3. This is gonna be sick!!! I'm down for the ride.
    Im growing super lemon haze and i'm loving it such
    a low maint strain! Cheers good luck!
  4. Same pic just different angle. Enjoy

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  5. Ok it's only been a few days since I made the first post but thought I would update. I'm throwing up a few pics that are a little closer, took closer pics of the tangerine dream, one is growing pretty tall and the other is getting pretty bushy.

    We took clones today and you can see we numbered them just in case we get a male even though the seeds were fem'd. Probably switch over to 12/12 in another week, we are going to try and scrog them.

    If you guys want any specific pics let me know, things will be more exciting once we start to flower

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  6. It's been about a week, not much change just getting bigger and getting the screen ready

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  7. I'm not sure if anyone is still following this thread so I'll post as if it's the first post.

    This is a 600w closet grow
    3 strains: (2) big band (1) super lemon haze (2) tangerine dream.

    All advanced nutes. Closet is about 6 weeks in

    I'll let you know my opinion so far with the grow after I post picks

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  8. I hope all the pics made it. The TD does very well when topped. I topped one a few times and it has very nice structure however there is not much bud porn and has very thin buds with lots of time to grow. I'm looking forward to smoking but I don't think I'll grow again.

    The big band grows very well. I did some LST and this plant responded extremely well. Each branch has a nice kohla and the top kohla looks very dense. The aroma stands out and is very sticky. I'm extremely excited to see how much fatter this girl gets considering how dank it is now with 25-30 days still left.

    The super lemon haze did ok with topping, not as well as the TD but I expect to get 3 big kohlas with plenty of decent bud lower on the tree. The smell with the SLH and TD are very citrusy and the distinction with the lemon vs the tangerine is very distinct, I look forward to smoking this one as well but will not grow again.

    I will be growing OG#18 along with LSD next because the indica in the big band did so well I'd like to see more indica grow in the closer.

    Any questions don't hesitate to ask
  9. Here's a pic that didn't take on the first post

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