tangerine dream not budding

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  1. hiya, just wondering i,ve been growing barney farm tangerine dream, they are on 5week 12/12 but dont seem to be growing buds does anyone know what wrong with them as this is my first grow of td they also have between leaves a nude either side with brow hairs can anybody tell me why please. :rolleyes:[P
  2. Need some pics bro....Some causes are you have a light leak, or your ph is to low(4.0-5.5) locking out phosphorus.
  3. got some pics

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  4. They are flowering, but slowly for 5 weeks...
    What is your lighting?
    What nutrients/supplements are you using?
    What type water and ph?
  5. 600w hps, all mix, bio grow,bio bloom, topmax dont need ph level because soil has in it
  6. veg them for 5weeks feed them 1mil of bio grow
  7. Looks like you got some pH problems. Those purple stems also indicate some phos def.

    He's right tho, it is flowering just "slowly". I'll describe the look of your plant (no offense) as "weak" looking. But yeah, check your pH im more than confident that that is your primary issue. Also when i mean check your pH i mean your soil. Not the water, not the nutes, not the runoff. The actual soil it's self. Good luck!
  8. got a funny feeling its not the soil,it might be our water as we live in a very hard water area, looks like pva glue colour live near chalky area could this be our problem and not the soil.
  9. Wow! Yeah, you should check that too. Another thing, the most obvious answer is usually the right one...
  10. Well ya... Think you solved the problem. You need some good filtered, distilled or, ro water if that's the case.
    Those plants probably have about 3-4 weeks left till finished. It's going to take a lot of work and patience to get them where they should be, and even then your weed will not be as potent and the yield will be small...
    Might think about flushing, repotting and putting back into veg so she can get healthy then clone her and get started right...;)
    Good Luck...
  11. got 7 0f them could i go back to veg, as some havent got flowers yet or will it stress them
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    It will take about 20-30 days for a flowering plant to revert into veg state.
    As far as being stressed their probably maxed on that, so you want to go in baby steps to avoid anymore stressing.

    First I might flush them real good with quality water ph'd to 6.4-6.8(soil) and maybe use a product called clearex by botanicare. Let them adjust for a week, or so, and transplant into fresh soil and then change the lighting back to 18/6 with a very mild veg feeding and a supplement with rooting hormones like b1 thrive alive or superthrive.

    I suggest transplanting into larger pots as they will probably get root bound in the current pots and will allow you to determine if any root rot is present.

    This is not an easy task and the plants may look worse than they look now while making the transition so, don't panic.

    There's no guarantee and hopefully someone will post some info that has done this in the past.

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