Tangerine Dream - CFL, Soil, SCROG

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  1. 08/15/12
    Day 01 - Day 01 Germination

    Hello GC! Leaflock here, after my successful first grow of Lemon Skunk I've started my second - Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream. I'll be growing three feminized seeds in soil with a 150w CFL for veg and a 250w CFL for flowering with Canna nutrients. My goal this season is to increase my yield - I've decided to give SCROG a go and hopefully armed with more confidence and experience I'll be able to double or triple the success of my first harvest.

    Today we used the paper towel method to start our germination. Placed the seeds inside a Tupperware container in the kitchen cabinet and sat down to write this post. Hopefully in a day or two we'll have some tap roots and get these ladies into their starter pots.

    In the meantime, I'm still curing my Lemon Skunk :smoke:

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  2. Tuned in.
    I have a great strain growing also give it a peep
  3. with any luck, unlike me, you will be able to finish the cure before the jar is empty xD

    i never have such luck......pulling up a chair :D

    if you feel like it check my grow in ma sig
  4. I'll tune in for this one too :)
  5. subbed, I'm doing the same thing right now except with female clones :)
  6. guys it has been 12 days...im guessing seeds went in but nothin popped

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