Tangerine Dream - CFL/scrog - When to flip the lights question?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Snicklefitzer, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. I have a 4'w x 4'h x 2'd armoire that I modified into a grow cabinet. This is my first grow with TD and I am unsure about stretch/light penetration considering that I use cfl's. I have approx 20" from the top of my screen to the lights. I have read that your screen should be 30-70% full before flowering but again, using cfl's it's hard to say when I should flip.

    Question 1: does anyone have experience with Tangerine Dream?

    Question 2: any suggestions on when to flip based on my cabinet vertical height.

    This is a clone that is 36 days post-transplant. ALL feedback is appreciated. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Good looking plant,will strech alot during flowering and it will fill up the net nicely.
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  3. Flip it now...Most strains I've grown are ready to go to budding by 30 days. Especially if height is an issue.
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  4. Nice set up and beautiful plants. My only critique is the size of your openings - 2" - 3" works best. I would flip now and continue tucking into the 3rd week of flower. With cfl's you do not want the tops to grow more than 8" to 12" above the net. Good luck and good job.
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  5. Thanks for the input. Flowering starts today.
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  6. Great job!
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  7. Those look like 2" squares to me......
  8. I was hoping to fill the screen and I've never done a scrog before. Thank you for your input.
  9. They are actually 4" squares. It's funny that someone suggested 2-3" squares because I had already thought that I may have made them a smidge on the big side.
  10. doesn't matter...its working out well
  11. I was a little concerned that I had defoliated too much. My intent was to get all of the growth on top of the screen ASAP. This Tangerine Dream has been one tough bird. Nothing has affected negatively her so far.
  12. It seems to be. I'm using FOx Farms dirty dozen and will be feeding her with the first flowering dose this evening just before the lights go out. Super duper stoked to see the response from the plant.
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  17. Great job @Snicklefitzer . You did a very nice job on the cabinet as well. Just keep pushing the growth under the net for the next couple weeks during the stretch to fill it up. Don't sweat the square size. You can restring it next grow. I agree 2-3" is best. Defoliation is a topic that is highly debated, and I defoliated under my scrog as well, but during the second week of flower. I did not see any adverse affects from it. I also cloned the cuttings that I removed and are being vegged and will go under the lights shortly after I harvest.
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  18. I wish I had a suitable space for clones...but I don't. What I do have is 10 purple kush seeds that I am gonna manifold as soon as I harvest this TD. Thanks for the compliment on my cabinet and for sharing your experience with defoliation.
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