Tan/white places on lower leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by moabfighter, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Pretty isolated. Probably only on 5 or 6 leaves... but what is this? Magnesium maybe?
    Notice the somewhat cupping. Was reading mag deficiency can make it droop and stuff
    BE5C937B-3E5E-4E50-BB95-D4B4C8528B26.jpeg 43525B0A-83B5-468D-BA50-6E7018E94FD9.jpeg
  2. Doesnt look like mag to me bro. Is it all lower propotion of plant ?
  3. Yeah. Just on one or two bottom leaves of I guess every plant. Deep under. Wondering if maybe it’s just from nute water hitting it...?

    Nah surely not. Plants look good aside from this. Please help diagnose. Feeding botanicare veg blend pro, mammoth p, GH root enhancer.
  4. Im not really sure bro, it may have to develop abit before hand inless someone else comes along with a better idea.

    I mean i kinda thought leaf septopia but im sure its not that.

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