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  1. Two little boys go into the grocery store. One is nine, the other is four.

    The nine year old grabs a box of Tampons from the shelf and carries it to the register for check-out.

    The cashier asks, "Oh these must be for your Mom, huh?"

    The nine year old shakes his head and replies,"Nope, not for my Mom."

    "Oh, they're for your sister," replied the cashier.

    Nine year old: "Nope not for my sister either."

    Cashier, curious now; "If they're not for your Mom and not for your sister, who are they for?"

    The nine year old says. "They're for my four year old brother."

    Surprised, the cashier asks, "Your little brother right here??"

    The nine year old explains; "Well, yeah! They say on TV that if you wear one of these you can swim or ride a bike.

    And my little brother can't do either."
  2. OP's only post, it was a solid one.
  3. ^ your user name suits your powers of necromancy.
  4. How did you find this lol
  5. What did the two tampons say to eachother?

    Nothing they were both stuck up bitches.
  6. just browsin for jokes hahahhh
  7. haha just wonderin cus this is one old ass thread. 10 years later it finally gets a reply.
  8. I was 15 when this thread was posted. :eek:

    No wait, that's right before my birthday. I was 14!
  9. Damn. Took 10 years to get a response hahaha.
  10. what the condom say to the other condom when they passed a gay bar... wanna get shit faced? sorry i dont know any tampon jokes

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