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Tampa or southern Florida

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NOTORIOUS BLUNT, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I'm moving to Tampa for college next fall and I was wondering if anyone here is from Tampa or southern Florida an if they know of weed is good there and what the prices are?
  2. Prices are qutie standard around here. You can get some good bud on campus too
  3. Tampa is usually $350-$400 an O but you can find good connects,


  4. Don't listen to this kid.

    Are you going to USF? If so you'll be getting better prices there. It'll be like 50/8th but like 250-300/oz.

    It's extremely easy to find at USF, along with like every other drug. It's a really big party school.

    One thing to know is everyone calls it Crippy(Crip-E) there. There is a much bigger drop off between crippy and mids than most places there... a lot of people sell brown/dark green brick as mids there, Real mids are harder to come by but can be found. brick is 50-100/oz and good mids is usually like 120-200/oz(not a whole lot of seeds, fluffy, light green with crystals)
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    Dude, fuck Tampa and get your weed in pinellas, much better shit around IMO.

    You will run into a lot of brick/regs and shitty mids, but you can find some good shit if you get to know the right people.

    Don't pay more than $5/g $20/3.5 $30-40/q $60/h $120/o for mids
    or $20/g $60/3.5 $110/q for dro.

    OP, drop me a PM if you want to know some more.
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    i live in orlando and i can get a QP of mids for 200,also when i first moved here you could get a ounce for 50 then there was a drought and all that was around was flame weed.and the mids are starting to come back tho and last time i got an O it was like 70 some people have been charging 80 its totall bullshit.
  7. I get my Oz of dank for 300 here in Tampa.
  8. You can always find fire nugs

    You can always find fire mids

    That's my experience with USF tampa. That's all
  9. Here I go again....

    I have been dry for almost two months and this talk of dro has me salivating..... I am visiting Orlando and will be headed to Jupiter tomorrow. Any suggestions for a connect??

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