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  1. FL has been good to my girl. 20190614_105148.jpg
    Have had some cattie probs been using this/\ suggestions?? 20190624_095635.jpg
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  2. Spinosad is a broad spectrum killer and if caterpillars are your trouble then Spinosad is overkill.

    BT is all you need for catties.
    It was likely on the same shelf as the Spinosad was.
    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    This is a biological agent not a chemical poison. Organic rated and quickly destroyed by sunlight.
    Spay once a week every week from the start of flower clear to the end.

    Your other likely issue is Powdery Mildew. Green Cure once a week for that.
    <-- growing outside in Southern California for years.

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  3. And you'll be money ahead to buy the concentrate instead of the ready to use spray. Just mix with water in your own spray bottle.
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