Tami And Julies Original "F@*ck It List!"

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  1. Ever seen the movie "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freem and Jack Nicholson? If not, I highly suggest renting it and watching it in its' entirety. :)

    Well, the other day, my best friend Julie (Grass City User:JLPuffNStuff) and I were on the phone, and we were talking about creating a bucket list, and trying to accomplish most or all of it before we die. Now, of course there is so much more to the conversation than this, but I want to keep it brief.

    By the end of the conversation her and I were laughing so hard at all the things we have done and should do...need to do...where our wills will be locked up at...she is my executor and I am hers...LOL!! It was hilarious. She said, "OMG...Lets name it OUR FUCK IT LIST!!!" We howled and rolled over that for a good five minutes.

    After the laughter subsided, I told Julie that we should make a thread entitled the "Fuck It List"! We thought it was so cute that we wanted to share it, and what better way but as a game on Grass City!

    Please, add to the Fuck It List...Try things off of the Fuck It List...Julie suggested that you have to do five things, cross them off, re-visit list, add something...do five more...Any ideas?

    We are going to start off with our number 1 since it was the conversation starter that led to this point!

    1. Go To Amsterdam

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  2. Getting laid.

    *shakes dice in hand*

    Come on, show me the money... come on...
  3. Go to the top of the Eiffel tower.

    (I've done it. Although Paris is dirty in the day, the view from their between 10-11 PM is -magnificent-.)
  4. 2. Go to the Hempfest in Seattle!
    3. Grow Our own plants (duh, got my cali canni card) and harvest never to buy again!
  5. Get a house/apartment
    Get a dog
    Have a daughter
    Have a job I love
    Have a super stealth grow op
  6. Visit my brother in L.A.; visit Amsterdam; visit Australia; visit...etc.

    Damn, there's so much traveling I want to do...
  7. base jump down the grand canyon.

    go streaking thru a soccer match. they usually dont arrest you they just kick you out.
  8. That is a good one.
    I love traveling. I have been all over the place, but the one place I would love to go to before I die is Egypt. I have been many places as I was fortunate enough to travel a lot in when I was in the Air Force, but I never made it to Egypt.
  9. OMG Girl! I love this! What a fun thread. Anyway, I can't use my Cali card over here in Washington State! I am going to have to get my WA card soon...I am def going to do number 3 in my lifetime! I love and miss you. :D
  10. Visit the pyramids/Egypt in general, as well as stone henge, the mayan temples, as many mystical places as possible.

    Go sky diving/base jumping

    Have a child or children and house, not so sure about marriage, because I don't want half my shit getting taken if she divorces me, and since I've been dumped/cheated on by every girl but one, I have a feeling that if I got married then she'd probably divorce me.

    that's about all I can think of for now thats somewhat major.

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