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    Anyone here heard of/listen to Tame Impala? I just discovered them recently when I heard the new song "Elephant" on the radio but I listened to a couple of their other songs on youtube and they seem pretty legit. I'm glad to see music like this coming back into prominence. Maybe I kinda missed the boat on them at first cause I guess they've been active for 6 years but I'm definitely glad I discovered them.
    Edit: Here's another song by them 

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  3. I'm seein them in a couple weeks I think the bass player just left the band or somethin recently
  4. really dig 'feels like we only go backwards'
  5. their bassist just quit the band and has a new album coming out with his other band... it might be better than Tame Impala (in my opinion at least)
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    Yeah Tame Impala are awesome shared a joint with a couple of them before a Pond gig one time, they're really awesome guys.  
    For me though it's Innerspeaker>Lonerism.  Both great albums though for sure.

    But yeah their bassist just left which is shame cause he is one of the funniest people ever, their new bassist is awesome though Cam Avary he complimented me on a Yes t shirt I was wearing one time then joked about how they were gonna cover Close To the Edge in it's entirety haha
  7. Sound like The Beatles. Not a bad thing at all.
  8. Finally saw them live this year at Primavera in Barcelona.  I think it was Cam's first gig on bass but I could be wrong.  Nick was always a favourite when watching them live so I started following Pond aswell.
    Some of the tracks from Pond's earlier album sound like they could fit on Innerspeaker and the new one sounds like someone put a rocket up Wayne Coyne's ass, so yeah...pretty fucking good!  Tame Impala and Pond are both great.
  9. Definitely a great band. I first heard of them a couple years ago. They have some great material. I need to order hardcopies of their albums.
  10. wow i fucking love Tame Impala, they have such a great sound, they add a new level to the term psychedelic, and they really got me into trippy music
    My favourites by them are probably Lucidity and Mind Mischief, 
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  12. Tame Impala are great. Lonerism is completely mind-blowing.
  13. Put on a very good live set would fork out $ to see them again

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