Talon rap

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  1. Just kinda got inspired today to make try my hand at writing and singing a rap about something, I was playing League of Legends all day and i think Talon is pretty badass, so he should have a sick rap to go with him :smoke:

    Here is what i have so far >.>

    Creeping in your jungle
    But i ain't no trundle
    When you see the mia
    you Better hope and pray
    that i don't come your way

    The pain i will inflict
    I'll burst ya-down-real-quick
    Leaving you senseless

    Four, Five, Six
    Low health? i got a few tricks
    You stand no chance
    for i'm from noxus

    When i cut your throat
    There is no way
    to live this day

    Let me know what you think, i have a beat picked out and everything just writing lyrics now :hello:

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