Tall Top-Heavy seedling

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GH93, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. My seedling sprouted 8 days ago and in the beginning it grew straight up, pretty fast. The seed leaves were at about 4 inches off the ground. Now though I have the set of single leaves, and the set of 3 pointed leaves starting to grow out.
    Yesterday I went to spray her and noticed she started to lean a little, then when I tried to move the fan it blew the plant over. I've had the fan on it since the beginning and it gets a 22/2 light schedule.
    Today, same thing, sprayed it, fell over. I put more dirt around the bottom so its about half as tall as it was.
    Question: If it has fallen all the way over, twice, would it have damaged the stem too much? Maybe only time will tell but does it put lots of stress on the plant or what?
  2. probably not the best for it...stick a straw or something in there to lean it against
  3. try and anchor her to the sides of your container with some paper clips of string till its roots and stem gets stronger.
  4. picture?

    sounds like your plant stretched for light, and doesnt have a strong enough stem to support it. put a little stake in your soil and tie your seedling up
  5. there really isnt much you can do other than bury part of the stretched stem or stake it up. After you do that, get adeqaute lighting to fix the cause or the symptom will just keep coming back.

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