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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by potblower, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. id rather grow 2 taller plants than 4-5 smaller ones, seeing how i have the room for height rather than width, trying to set up a closet, thinkin 6ft or and few inche above in height should be able to support some nice tall plants, but what should be the width and depth to support that, or should i juss keep the roof of the box shorter say about 5'3ish
  2. From my understanding, that isnt tall. Tall is like 7'+, sativa's notoriously have super heights indoor or out. Why do you check out scrog or LST? You can get some killer grow's going with really high yeilds it sounds like. From all the boxes I've looked into purchasing, 5.5ft-7ft seem to be the avg heights, so 6 seems right on par.
  3. You will have a much more efficient grow and bigger yield using LST or scrog. Letting a plant grow tall indoors creates greater needs for lighting in order to get a good yield from your secondary growth because artificial lighting intensity drops off so much with distance, so even a strong light at the top of a tall plant won't be helping much on the middle and especially lower levels of the plant. So, you'll end up wanting to put supplemental lighting around the sides of the plant. LST and scrog flatten the grow so you can get more light intensity to more of the plant.

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