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Discussion in 'General' started by ganjitup!!!, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Ive had this wierd thing where if im walking alone or just alone.... ill talk to myself. not really having a conversation but like a one way talk. basically when you vent when your angry and ask questions to yourself.. but on a daily basis.

    Any support out there blades, any suggestions on what to do.

    P.S. i really dont like being quiet, whether it be singing a song, humming, or making noises. idk what it is.
  2. Everyone does it. Nothing to feel strange about, whatever helps fight the loneliness right?
  3. I never talk to myself out loud, but I analyze and almost speak in my mind. Can't really explain it, im sure everyone is like this but since we have a language i am always thinking in words, like i am having a discussion, but i am never actually speaking.
  4. fuck yea man I talk to myself all the time, I enjoy my company:smoking:
  5. that's my favorite pass-time. what's better than a conversation with my favorite person? ;)
  6. Thank you guys, boosting up my self confidence feels pretty good. doesnt happen enough. glad to know that enough people dont like silence.
  7. Yeah i do it too.
  8. More people do this than you know. But everyone who does tries to hide it.

    It looks ridiculous if someone walks into the room and you're talking to nothing but air, but the majority of people at least do it to some extent (ie. Cursing out loud if something goes wrong), and a lot of people just vocalize their thoughts out loud. I find it helps me figure things out, like I'm having a conversation with myself and staying focused on the subject, where as if I just try to think about things quietly I'll get distracted quickly.
  9. I only talk to myself when I'm really mad usually. Or if I'm in-between either manics: extremely mad or extremely happy. It helps you calm a little.
  10. Do it all the time. Now when your having a full on conversation with your dogs and someone walks in, its a little hard to look sane in that situation.

  11. This sort of explains me. But sometimes I can get in such a deep thought by myself while high and eventually will say a few things vocally. It's weird.
  12. everyone does it, nothing to worry about.
  13. I think that's how everyone does it right?

    Anyways, yeah I talk to myself sometimes, usually during sports. There is nothing wrong with it unless maybe you do it all the time.
  14. So you're saying, you only doing it ok, but people that do it all the time, are not?
  15. I could see it having a negative impact on life if you are constantly talking to yourself, couldn't you? Plus we probably have a different definition in our heads about the definition of 'all the time'.
  16. i do it alll the time. i tell myself stories but i always somehow know the ending to every one.:confused_2:
  17. i do talk to myself..alottt..
    conversations with myself..well i think thats usually thinkin..unless im angry or really stressed...

    but i talk to things when cooking..
    *now lets add some you go...wheres the cinnamon ....??oh there you are!!*
    stuff like that..

    or when rolling
    or when watching tv..
    or browsing the nets..
    or getting ready to go out..
    etc etc..

    oh and dogs..
    oh i do talk and i dont care if someone sees me at all..(well actually my dog died 1 1/2 year would talk..)
    im talking to my dog,so what?he would understand me...seriously!

    i do know when itll seem crazy to talk to myself work..or walking the street..
  18. I do it as well, it can be fun at times haha ( I actually laughed out loud when I wrote that). One of our friend does it too but he will do it when were with him, it's pretty funny
  19. What do you guys talk about?
  20. Everyone talks to themselves it's called thinking. Some people just prefer to actually hear their thaughts sometimes by saying them out loud.
    I guess the reason may be to subconciously reinforce the validity of thaughts through externalisation of them as sound.
    But that's only a theory I just came up with.

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