Talking To Yourself.

Discussion in 'General' started by chiveschoncybil, May 19, 2013.

  1. I often finding my self deep in conversation with myself sometimes when i am stoned and alone. I don't even think about doing it ill just stop half way through when i realize and will usually  finish what i was talking about ha ha. :smoke:  Anyways do any of you guys talk to your self i think it is quite natural and to a certain extent keeps me sane.

  2. Lemme know in advance when the voices start telling you to kill people so I can get the fuck out.
  3. i have constant internal dialogue but it's mostly just thoughts and then second guessing those thoughts.
    i dont actually have conversations and they are never audible. hah
  4. If i'm under stress i usually have to talk to myself, i will also debate with myself sometimes over a post i make on here
  5. Its quiet normal and healthy. 
  6. When I'm high I talk to myself about how I think my life going so far

    "We can't stop here this is bat country"-Fear and Loathing
  7. i dont
    yes you do
    no i don't!
  8. If i'm high enough I will, doesn't happen all too often.

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  9. i have never had a conversation with myself when stoned. sometimes i will verbalize my thoughts though which can be bad. i took a few day t-break and went to get a sack from my dealer (im at a university so theres people fucking everywhere). anyways he was super wasted and he had 4 or 5 different strains and maybe a gram of each. he has this giant bowl on his bong and he packed like .5-.8 of each strain and i packed up near a gram so i ended up smoking an 8th... i was walking down the street away from his house and i was saying to myself 'nobody knows youre too high nobody knows youre too high'. luckily it was raining and there was only one guy within earshot and i doubt he could hear me but ithen freaked out and speed walked away xD god damnit i love being way too high
  10. yeah if im alone and smoking ill just talk to myself. you can call it weird but its what i do!
  11. sometimes i make up scenarios in my head and i'll talk to myself playing me and the person i'm talking to. only by myself tho

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