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  1. I can tell she hella like's me but I really suck at getting to know people at first. How can I get to know her? What should I say? What should I do? What topics should I discuss? Help me out my peep's.
  2. Just relax and try to go with the flow, dont think about what youre goin to say. It will all come naturally, youll see. if you spend time dwelling on what couldve happened, youll never have the chance to say , "hey atleast i tried"

    as for specific topics, maybe discuss simple things like how her day went, then take it from there.. seeing as she already likes you, i doubt youll have alot of trouble
  3. yea man good info any other word's of advice?
  4. get too know her. ask her questions. once you've done that talkin will come easy
  5. I really want to tell you what I'd do, but lately my strategies have gotten me no where. MAybe you should just be a dick, and that'll get you the pussy, because that's what works for every other teenage asshat.
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    Be genuinely yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. You are you and you need to present yourself as you. Just talk outwardly, you'll be fine man, if she likes you she'll usually talk a lot and you'll end up listening.

    Edit: Compliment her!
  7. look her in the eyes and smile....

    if that doesnt work, surprise sex will suffice.
  8. Best tips i have even though i have this same problem are try to be confident even if you don't feel that way. Pretend you're good at talking to people before you know them. I know it's hard, I can't do it either. The second is ask questions. They are good because they require a response so the conversation has to keep going. Then if one of her answers sparks something in your head that you can say, go from there. Good luck
  9. stalk her
    then go up to her one day and say " I know where you live"
    thats sure to get u the pussy

    Just become a distant friend, get her number (not by stalking!!!) and txt her basic stuff that ya'll hav in common. Make her get to know you
  10. Yea just talk to her about small shit and get a feel for her opinions and feelings toward stuff. I usually connect with girls about music and stuff because I know music better than I know anything else. Asking her about her day and shit is deff a good piece of advice
  11. Go with the flow, be like a butterfly floating on air.
    Be chill, dont come on too strong.
    Make like a joke when u think it will really come off good, if u even have a slightest doubt, dont it.

    Talk about light but interesting subjects, eventually you will go into sideroads and u wont even notice she put her hand on your leg.

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