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Talking to parents about weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shadyy, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone ive been following this forum for awhile and i just turned 18 so i thought you guys could help give me some advice and ill try to some it up as short as possible.

    Well, i got caught about a 2 months ago and my parents had a very different reaction than i thought. My parents were angry for about a month then we finally talked about it and my dad told me if i ever do it again, bring it into the house, or test positive on a drug test i am "dead to him" and kicked out of the house. They wont listen to why i tried weed in the first place. i was born with a skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa. it essentially makes your top 2 layers of skin 10x more fragile than regular people and its very painful and something that i deal with everyday.

    Weed helped me with the pain, and getting the munchies actually helped because i would eat alot of food which would help heal my skin. My dad and mom think i am using it as an excuse to get high, yet my mom told my aunt and uncle how i smoked and they both agreed weed isnt nearly as bad for you as my parents think. I try to talk to my parents about this but they wont listen.

    Thanks for any advice guys!
  2. i have done that and tried to show them but they call the articles propoganda, even though they are from legitimate sources
  3. Try to tell them to look past their predisposition.
  4. Question regarding your disease.... Are their physical signs of the disease on everyone that has it?
  5. haha funny mine said the exact same propaganda thing!!
  6. make them watch the union.
  7. Damn idk I'm sure you've talked to them about it a lot but you need them to accept the fact that it does have medical use and it's a safer alternative to other drugs.
  8. I will be honest. I would tell my dad to shut the fuck up and listen to you case. If he refuses to accept you with it you should just leave.
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    And where do you think he's gonna go? Do you think anybody wants to live with their parents? If it was that easy I'm sure he'd be gone... You would tell your father to shut the fuck up? What's wrong with you?
  10. well yes its physically evident google it if you want to but the worse forms of the disease or kind of graphic. i have one of the lesser forms but its still bad and painful i cant play sports and other physical stuff like that
  11. If that's all it takes to be dead to your father, I'm sorry, but he's the fucking dead one. I'm extremely sorry for your predicament, and you can contact me at any point if you need any kind of support... I'll give you what I can. My two year old brother was actually born with a skin disorder too. It's pretty much the opposite of what you have though (from my understanding of it based on what you said). His is called icthyosis though, lamellar icthyosis to specify.

    Sorry for the short derail in my reply. I think you should do what you can to get them to understand. Show them evidence. Personal evidence, and professional evidence. If you come at it from a professional standpoint and handle the situation maturely, the outcome may surprise you. If they are THAT incredibly stubborn, I would just say fuck it and keep doing it anyway. If it makes you feel better, doesn't hurt you, or anyone else... who in the FUCK is anyone to keep that from you?
  12. Nope.
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    If id be dead to him over a plant ya i really wouldnt give a shit. Its not like pot is heroin
  14. Just up and leave.

    They ask why, just tell them.."I don't want to live in this house if my own PARENTS can't accept who I am, I tell you that it helps me cope with the pain from my disorder, and you still set that fact aside and say I'm dead to you if I continue to do it? That's pretty sad."
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    Whats wrong with his dads opinon over a plant. Hes ready to give up on his kid over weed. At that point i wouldn't give a shit
  16. i did try to show my mom the union but that wasnt the first thing i tried talkking, showing articles, and many other things but i might talk to my aunt and uncle, then they would talk to my parents for me since they are not listening

  17. exactly i wasnt hurting anyone at all but my parents are also mad about me lying and going behind their back and smoking. However i dont have as much guilt for doing it since it helped me and i did have evidence it helped certain areas of my body like my left knee and foot heal up considerably but now that ive stopped its worsened.

  18. not going to direspect my parents and tell them to fuck off, leave their house and ruin my relationship becuase they have been very good to me throughout my life and supportive, and i still have my senior year of high school and they are paying for my tuition.
  19. Be very sincere. Let them give their speech about the evils of marijuana but make sure you know everything needed to know about weed. Have a counter argument ready for everything you think they might say. Ask them if they would rather you take pills made by man or use a herb? But make it dramatic! Good luck man :) Keep tokin!

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