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Talking to my dad about blazin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Percatron5000, May 28, 2010.

  1. So I've been tokin for a couple years and live with my dad. He knows I smoke from me just being high/leaving stuff out, but he's never directly caught me or said anything about it. I know he used to smoke (he was and is a bit of a dead head) becuase we've jokeingly talked about it. I've found papers in his room, found his brothers stash and know his brother smokes, this all leads me to believe that he still smokes but I'm not sure. He'll ocasionally come home and seem high/ smell like bud from hanging with friends or concerts. My question to the comunity is do you think I should just talk to him about smoking to see if I can do it in/around my house whether he's there or not? He knows and is ok with me drinking and knows that my sister drinks and smokes, And never says anything against it. He's normally a very chill and understanding guy. All my friends think I should, but to be fair they think he's the coolest parent ever and normally see him when we're high haha.

    Sorry ahead of time for any tipos, I did this from my iPod becuase my power is out.
  2. Yes, for sure. Dead head? Still smokes...probably does other things as well..pandoras box knows whats up.
  3. Dude go for it just reassure him you wont just leave it there all day, you will pick up, be mind full of neighbors, you know tell him why you smoke at to weather you are in pain or a depression controller is all how you feel. And again only opinion but he seems like it would be.
  4. If you feel comfortable talking to him about it then go for it. There's only a so much that could go wrong.
  5. You said hes found stuff you've left out and even if he isnt smoking, he obviously seems cool with it, Ive been wondering about this myself cause Im pretty sure my parents know ( used to come home after clam baking- no spray, same shirt) but they haven't called me on it, been wondering if I should bring it up or not, they both used to blaze back in the day. But your situation, I wouldn't hesitate (personally)
  6. Does your dad have a designated "whippin' belt"?
  7. wat exactly is a dead head? stupid?
  8. Is this a serious question? A deadhead is/was somebody that listens or listened to The Greatful Dead.
  9. worst is no hes you're dad...

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