Talking to my cats high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Olesmoky, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I know I've been a sceptic of that commercial where the girl and her dog talk because shes fucking high dudes! :Bongin: anyways I thought since tonight I was going to be fairly wicked high. My english teacher in about 6th grade brainwashed us to use as many descriptive words to describe something. So lately its been coming back and I feel the need to accurately describe every tiny little detail..

    Whoa did I digress like a damn jack-rabbit in June. So anyways I sat my cat down, looked her square in the eye (I look people in the eye!)<<(Says his psych? ;)) anyways I looked at her and I said meow, meow meow, meow. For some reason I developed this theory... well method if you will. Okay so heres the concept: I think of something like 'hello' and while thinking 'hello' I say meow. The cat then hears it as meow. So now we know how I'm talking to my cat okay? I'm jabbing away at her just spilling my fucking lungs out to her... those commercials we're 100% right, you can talk to your pets... unfortunately the sons of bitches never talk back. Ironic that I called cats sons of bitches when the cat, as a pet, has the natural enemy. Smarter folks will get that...

    So everyone, come in here and talk about some bullshit with uncle Olesmoky. :eek:
  2. When I would be baked, bored and by myself I would make purring noises to my roomies cat and she would always make the same noise back at me, this would go on for atleast a half hour or so haha
  3. Last week I adopted a little kitty from the humane society and the little feller likes me more than her. I think more study should be done on how dogs and cats understand humans so well. Back to the subject, the little kitty will, look, tilt his head, and meow.. I know he wants to tell me something but.. idk what it is.

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