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  1. So the other night I was visiting my parents. I was laying in bed and couldn't really sleep, so I randomly decided to try out Tinder. A friend of mine had told me about it a few months prior but I hadn't really had any interest, but I thought "what the hell?".

    It took me a couple days to get a match, but now I have now idea how to start the conversation. I don't text or IM much to begin with, so I'm just kinda lost. I've googled out to go about it, but all I'm coming up with are either super cheesy lines or overly sexual lines. And every site I've looked at says not to just say 'Hey' because that's boring. Any thoughts?

  2. youre overthinking it, i used it a bit and i never ended up meeting anyone.  its nice to just chat with random ppl about anything
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  3. While attending a party I had a conversation with this guy about this "Tinder", albeit I don't use facebook and can't utilize it, he made the claim that a friend of his was using Tinder scoring babes and even scored twice in one night and parked in the same place the entire time.  So I'm not certain what his approach was, but I can't think that it's cryptic or anything.  
  4. Tinder is amazing, assuming you're good looking. Lots of sluts looking to get laid, I use the exact same lines with every girl I talk to. Kind of a systematic approach.

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  5. Me to kushmasta lol I'm on it right now browsing puffing on a blunt , I finally got 10 matches or so. It's cool stuff.

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  6. way overthinking it... start with a casual comment like cute smile or something not sexual and then ask a general question
  7. Lots of fake accounts on tinder

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  8. My cousin told me to get tinder yesterday. She said it's full of Punjabi boys though.
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    So... where DO girls go if they're looking for a hookup, or just conversation? I'll confess I don't get out much, being a grower and all lol, but I don't even want to meet in a fuckin' bar. It's just not my scene. THIS is. Any ideas? Cuz OKC ain't gettin it done!
  10. It's all about looks. My cousin is a player, he showed me multiple babes he hooked up with on Tinder while he's dating the supposed love of his life. If your an extrovert it works.
    Me, I don't even have a facebook. Oh well.

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