talking to a non-smoker about weed

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  1. This is a story about talking with my ex who is a non-smoker about weed and its effects/legalization stuff

    Well, my ex and I were chattin on aim, having a great conversation and she's like "haha my mom just walked in while i was listenin to lucy in the sky with diamonds and she asked me if I was on drugs" I was like "yeah, I could see your mom doin drugs (she was really upbeat and loved to drink)" and I was like "I know some kids whos parents smoked, but would be a bitch to them anyway about it" then she was like "well in the 60's ppl didn't know it was bad for you then" I was like "so, how is weed bad for you" she was like" its like a mini cancer stick, and can cause cancer." I was like" sry baby but it doesnt" and gave her a link on's about no cancer linked to marijuana. She was like wtf thats all bullshit, marijuana is bad and is illegal for a reason" I was like" marijuana was made illegal because "degenerate" races mainly smoked it and made white women seek relations with black men, and influence the negros jazz music" Then she says "wow your wrong you aren't that smart, your making mad" and fucking blocks me. I get on my other sn and ask her wtf is wrong with her why would she block me over a simple debate. Well she's like its illegal for a reason dont try to give me bs facts. I was like how in the hell are FACTS bs? then she blocked that sn, then I texted her the exact quotes from harry j anslinger, she didnt show up where I usually meet her b4 school to talk for a lil, and I tried to talk with her during 7th period and i was like whats up and put my arms up like whats the situation, she said nothin and then proceeded to turn away and talk to the girl next to her when im about to say somethin. I sat there for like a minute and was like whatever later and just walked off. thing is, she stayed like 5 minutes after the bell rang while I was pickin up tennis balls and she usually leaves right away. god dammit girls can be confusing, and this one is quite ignorant. end rant.
  2. I can't talk to people like that. I'd be freaking out, nothing pisses me off more than people who choose to remain ignorant. Just reading that put me in a bad mood. I feel for you.
  3. like i said before, fuck devon *****, when i come down in a few weeks we'll pistol whip her into shape.

    Edit: and didn't she used to smoke?
  4. word, sounds like she needs it.
  5. yes she did smoke, yes she needs it. thing is, she's actually like extremely book-smart, but trying to aruge with her is like convincing harry j anslinger that blacks arent bad people.
  6. so happy i dumped my ex that was like that. somtimes people just don't want to listen. I got a girl now that doesnt mind smoking and i can say im alot happier.
  7. If she knows for a fact that its bad a should be illegal she should be MATURE enough to hear another side of a story, tell her how alcohol is bad i think you mentioned shes a drinker, show her how alcohol is a depressant and cuases much more harm then pot.
  8. Im glad I can smoke with my girl. She hits the pipe like a champ. No joke.
  9. Ahahaha, I bet.
  10. she isn't really a drinker, i said her mom was. She's smoked tons with me after school at my house before, dunno why she's trippin over some dumb shit.
  11. I definitely feel for ya bro. I've got a couple friends just like that.
    They refuse to believe the facts, and choose to remain ignorant.

    One quick notation though about the, "I was like" marijuana was made illegal because "degenerate" races mainly smoked it and made white women seek relations with black men, and influence the negros jazz music""

    Marijuana was actually made illegal because powerful cotton companies sought to outlaw hemp in order to maintain their profits and stay in business.

    Those powerful companies knew that hemp was much more powerful than the materials they were offering. They knew that it would be the doom of them, therefore, they did everything in their power, employing bribery, to outlaw it.

    The ""degenerate" races mainly smoking it and making white women seek relations with black men, and influence the negros jazz music" was simply the governments scapegoat when the public demanded an explanation.

    Hope that helped.
    But either way, I do feel for ya bro.
    I know what it's like when you're trying to educate people who refuse to believe what you have to teach.
  12. i say
    fuck her
  13. yes and yes
  14. that blows. I used to have that debate with my dad but he's open minded and he used to smoke many years ago. so he probley heard it all before I was born. now their is more research being done. but your story is a important lesson to learn. I guess if this was a sitcom this would be a afterschoool special for us ganja lovers. In my old age (27) I have learned that if you want to change someones belifes you have to do it very slowly and with patients. you can't just come out and tell them your wrong.
  15. maybe she was raped by marijuana once
  16. Dude, she's a bitch. Not everyone is like that. Especially as people move on, mature, go to college, turn 21...
  17. Reminds me of an ex. Very simpleminded chick... you know, gossip, do things to fit in or be cool, party hardy all the time.

    Well, when I started smoking bud, she had stopped and HATED it, was absolutely against it. I couldn't even talk reason with her because since she smoked and saw what it did to her friends and other people as she said she saw it as devil weed and flipped out on me for being high.

    We would talk here and there, and the way that I talked was nothing like she was used to, she remembered the lil ol ignorant me. Anything I said, or still would say... just goes completely over her head.

    And of course now she lives to drink, smoke, and just get fucked up as much as possible.
  18. I had the exact same thing happen. She didn't like sex, that's why we broke up. And she didn't want me smoking weed or drinking. Well, we were like 14 or 15, now of course she loves sex and smoking weed

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