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Discussion in 'General' started by Illuminator, May 9, 2011.

  1. So here I am, I just smoked a small bowl, hoping to get my mind rolling on a short paper. My cat walks in and starts meowing at me and my immediate response is to talk shit to him; I sarcastically say, "Oh, meow, meow, shut the fuck-up." He pauses for a moment, sensing the tone of my voice.

    Anyway, sometimes (a lot of the time.((most of the time(((all the time((((fuck that's a lot of parentheses)))))))))) when I'm baked, I just like to talk shit. To everyone. It's sarcastic, but jovial. I just can't help it. None of my friends do it, just me. So what is it? Am I dysfunctional? Do any of you guys like to talk shit while you're baked?

    (Hope this is in the proper forum.)
  2. sometimes... if im in the mood... but most of the time im in chill out zone

    i talk shit at house parties bc girls love assholes lol but not during a sesh
  3. I do that to my cat also, but she knows that I love her so it's all good.
  4. lol I just like laying my head on my cat when I'm baked. He's a fattie. :p

    But I kinda get what you mean, when I play Sims stoned, I'm always an ass. I'll make my Sim make the other Sims cry and shit. Pretty weird.
  5. Talk all the shit you want
  6. sarcastic talking shit is fun...I do it lightly and joking...but it is fun...
  7. I worry sometimes that I'm bringing my friends down when I start talking so much shit. It probably isn't the case...I hope.

    Anyway, I love my cat. He's just deserving of being talked shit to, because he get's so much love and attention. He's lucky that I love petting him even more when I'm baked.

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