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talking politics while high....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Solar Being, May 4, 2011.

  1. it never ends well...
  2. you don't say :/
  3. noticed ur avatar. WHEN WILL EARL RETURN?!?!

  4. Summer hopefully
  5. Talking politics never ends well period.
  6. yea one of my codewords for me and my friends to spark up with is "u wanna talk about politics". that means i love to "talk about politics" when im already high :bongin: :bongin:
  7. Politics and religion are so fun to debate while you're faded. My views differ so differently from all my friends it's a bit hard sometimes.
  8. politics always gets fun when high.

    although i prefer having "discussions" with the girlfriend about sexism and gender equality. she's into women are 100% equal....where as i think that women are not equal (bare with me) i.e they cant lift as much (on average) as men, therefore they cant do manual labour as easy.

    sorry, kinda off topic...back on topic.

    for brits, whats your take on this Alternative voting thing?
  9. Yeah it's hard to talk about politics when I'm baked. I like talking about but only with people who are educated about it ya know. I don't like when people say that are against something then you ask why and their response is "I dunno just am."
  10. Funny that you made this thread

    go look at the stoner chicks unite thread.

    I made one political comment, and boy howdy was it not received well


    I sucks debating against ignorant people.
  12. Haha check out the politics section of this forum. It gets fun in there. If I'm baked and have nothing else to do (happens pretty often), I'll head in there and talk about various topics.
  13. Ha yeah it gets heated. It could end relationships pretty fast. I try my best to keep a cool head and I mostly do, but sometimes it's hard.

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