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Have you ever seen a stoned monkey spit flows and freestyle battle on the mic?

  1. You dubass, you didn't know monkeys are into hip-hop culture?

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  2. You dumbass, monkeys can't rhyme!

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  1. Last night I had a trippy dream. For the past couple of years i was working at an animal sanctuary. My specailty there was taking care of primates, monkeys. One of my monkey friends is a baboon named Spike. Spike is cool, when i worked there we'd take turns grooming each other, and if i told him"tag, you're it" he'll run away and make you chase him, and when ya finally got to him he'd turn around, chase ya down and tag ya.

    Anyways, the dream.

    I was at the sanctuary one day and i looked over towards Spike's cage, but he wasn't in it. The door was open and i thought, "Oh shit, he's loose, i gotta find him!"

    I looked around and i saw him across the row of cages, and he saw me. He looked like he was gonna run but he didn't, at least he didn't run from mr, but ran over to me, stood up in front of me looked up and said "Hey man, wha's up dude?" n i said "Holy shit u can talk? damn that's sweet!" and i high fived him and shit, and he wassayin all kinds of crazy shizzle. I asked him if he wanted to smoke a blunt so we did. We went in back of the elephant barn and burned a big fatty, talkin shit, fuckin around, and i was askin him all the questions i thought to ask a stoned talkin monkey, stuff like "what's it like to be a monkey?" and "So you really understand everything humans say?" and he was like yeah. We got all ripped and ran around the zoo playing tag, laughing, all stoned, it was sweet. We hung out at the zoo all day and smoked all kinds of weed, and my dad showed up and my friend and we were all tokin up n just chillin. Later on that night we were there and we put some beats on and Spike grabbed a mic and started spitin mad monkey freestyle rhymes, shit like life in tha jungle-hood, and how he ended up in tha' cage on lockdown. We battled on the mic and smoked mad weed. It was a good day. I told spike that seeing as how he's a talkin monkey n shizz, he'd be guaranteed to be able to make it as a hip hop star, cause he got skills, mad mic skillz, shaolin monkey style n shit.

    Then i woke up, so i don't know if he did it.

    Tonight i'm gonna look for spike when i go to sleep and see if he's blowin' up the hip hop scene yet.

  2. crazy, but cool.
  3. we are monkies

  4. But my point is one of the species of monkey that does not have the ability to speak fluent english was talkin like a 'G and bustim mad rhymes and sayin shit like "Pass da blunt, yo!"

  5. i dunno about monkeys, but i sure have had some excellent conversations with cats dogs and other domestic pets. it only seems to have happened after consuming mushrooms or excessive amounts of cannabis and other stuff.

    :D cats are really smart. you'd b suprised what they know.
  6. krazy dream u got!
  7. could these monkeys fly?
  8. nope, not this time, but once i helped a friend of mine fight off flying monkeys in a park in miami during a bad trip he had.
  9. i talk to my cat in cat language lots :D its funny, scared i mighta insulted it tho :D

  10. Me too! I always have conversations with my cats! They each have their own personality you can hear in their meows. I'm weird tho, sometimes for no reason at all I'll go up to my cat Tiggs and say "TIGGS! What the FUCK!?" And then my mom always askes "What did he do?" "Nothing, Mama, I was just messing with him."
    I love my cats, tho...all 5 of them :D
  11. five cats, really?! i love cat's! i once live in a collective with three of them [not counting the occasional kittens], and i had several conversations with all of them. superstoned off course. it was all purrs an mjauws :)
  12. oh, and funny dream man :)

    i usually don't remember more than small glimpses of dreams, not entire storylines.

  13. i miss the late "becky", she was the best cat ever... she used to say the coolest, funniest, bestest, smartest, wierdest things.

    "rrrprryow-pmeo-meow"* was allways my favorite, and she knew it so said it to me anytime i needed cheering up.

    anyone think cats might have psychic powers?

    *thats as acurate as i can get it in typing.
  14. I like cats, they taste like chicken!


    I worked with big cats, lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, etc. and it was then i realized just how intelligent cats are.

  15. am i the only one who thought that was funny? I guess it was just the image i got. or maybe i'm just high.

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