talking and playing music for your plants

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  1. Does this actually help? I talk to my plants anyways lol. But supposedly it helps. Does anyone know if this is true? Ive heard of people setting steroes up in their grow room to help them grow.

    Thinking about setting my stereo up in there if it does work :metal:
  2. Well it can't hurt lol. I doubt it helps much foilage on earth grows all over and very well without any music or people talking to it. Id try it and if you can side by side to see which grows better!
  3. haha i think i will.. Im going to wait for them to get a bit older first. Which makes me wonder, i could smoke any type of music what would it be?
  4. Mythbusters did this. Turns out, plants do respond positively to music. Death metal had the best results. It has something to do with the sound vibrations circulating the plants sugars.
  5. Yea! i knew some tv show did this. But i couldn't remember the results or who it was
  6. Can't comment on the music thing
    But can on the talking thing

    It has nothing to do with the actual talking to {as in what you say}
    It has to do with the fact that we breath out CO2
    But guessing you would have to spend a lot of time talking to them to make a real difference / LOL
  7. Lol yea I figured. So breathing on them helps lol

  8. Just Don't Smoke Bowls In Front Of Them
    They Don't Like That

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