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Talking about pollen as if its sm*ck

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by nomoredoubts, Jan 3, 2013.

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    This made me laugh, in the UK there is a grade of hash called pollen its basically good not amazing just good Moroccan hash and the way the police describe it in this article is hysteria at its worst I mean you would think it was sm*ck the way they talk (sorry but its true), no wonder people are so confused about cannabis with this kind of crazy talk and lies it would even confuse me if I didnt read it twice, why cant police/media just tell the truth for once and put a stop to all this insanity .................

    Users of the powerful pollum hashish can suffer illness due to its strength

    Sources say some users are suffering "whiteys" – effectively a cannabis overdose that can leave a user unconscious – after using the new high-grade pollum.

    Scottish crime gangs turn to high-grade hash to boost profits | Herald Scotland
  2. I gave up caring about anti weed ignorance/ propaganda a long time ago. Coincidentally I became a happier person too. JS.
    I fall asleep when I overdose, too.
  4. Damn i guess When i nap after a sesh its an "overdose"
  5. Lol at your censoring of smack. The unmentionable rules are not that strict. Not like you're discussing the drug, just saying that cops have compared hash to heroin.

    "Change my pitch up, sm*ck my bitch up."
  6. lol what's happening with the illustration photo?! I honestly thought it was an add for something.

  7. same, I thought it was an add for Barclays bank at first then I realized nope its the medias way showing you what happens to your mind if you smoke the crazy pollum hash, tisssssssss.
  8. Most of the hash in the UK is awful anyway, even when someone offers you polm or better you still have to be skeptical. I just stay clear unless it comes from a reputable source, otherwise you end up with 'nice' soap bar, if there ever was such a thing. It's a shame really as if I was given the choice I would smoke hash almost exclusively...
  9. I was under the impression that "pollen" was a synonym for "kief"...Am I in the wrong?
  10. Isn't there a key legend somewhere that translates cop language to our language? Like unconsious means stoned
  11. When I was younger 14-15 I knew this kid that had a good connect for pollen it was really nice smoke was good i was thinkin about it a couple weeks ago I can't wait to see it on the market again 19 now btw haha

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