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Talked to my Mom about weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by daguyonthecouch, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Okay so I just moved from Cali to New York a few weeks ago and I hadn't smoked since the day I left and I started getting bored of having no friends here so I asked my cousin if he could get me weed. So I found out he's a dealer and he hooked me up and then when I got home my mom knew that's why I had left (why else drive an hour to his town). She already knew I smoked but we never really talked about it.

    Anyways, I told her why I started smoking and yadda yadda and she said that she didn't approve of it and wished I didn't but understood why I smoked and why I wanted to here so she laid down ground rules.
    1. Don't buy from my cousin ever again.
    2. Don't involve my cousins with weed.
    3. Don't smoke in the house.

    And that's all. Could have been worse right? I look forward to the cool story bros.
  2. Cool story bro.
    I meant that unsarcastically.
    When my dad found out like 5 years ago he took me to dinner and we talked about it during steak LOL. He was mad and asked me to stop, but that was back then. since then he's watched a few documentaries and now he's cool with it, cause he knows its pretty much harmless.
  3. My mom knows it's not nearly as bad as cigarettes or even alcohol. I told her I'm the equivalent of a casual drinker. Not enough to harm me and I don't ever need it. I would never tell my dad he wouldn't understand and he would say I'm ruining my life
  4. My ass would be on the front lawn so quick, it's not even fuckin' funny.:cool:
  5. #5 Jet livin, Aug 6, 2011
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    Aha... Same
  6. I'm pretty sure if I told my mom I smoke weed, she would probably start to subconsciously think that I'm always high or something.

    Even though lately, I have been haha.:smoke:

  7. hahahahah same here, and props for the signature
  8. Why would she not want you to buy from your cousin? Family is less likely to rip you off than some random other dude.
  9. thats what i was thinking,you should ONLY buy from your cousin.
  10. Cousin gets caught slangin to him.

    Cops get involved, families get involved all points back to OP's mom...

    Shes forever alone...

  11. My mom reacted the same way when I told her. I don't approve, but I understand... don't smoke in the house.

    The weight off your shoulders feels great, and I even made my mom listen to a Kottenmouth King's song in the car today and joked about her needing to take a toke of this fine herb I have... she smiled and laughed.
  12. I think all parents should be open about weed. My son came to me when he was 16 and told me he was smoking. I told him just do it in his room, I didn't want him out on the road high. We smoke together now :)
  13. That's awesome that she is chill with you smokin the ganja. Maybe in a few years you should maybe ask her to smoke a J.
  14. #14 bungtothehol, Aug 6, 2011
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    same. Sucks ayy?
  15. Damn, u left Cali, what a shame. No shortage of buds there.
  16. Well first of all he's only 15 so she thinks he's too young for this kinda stuff and yea you guys are right about the family thing. She doesn't want anyone being mad at her for her son influencing their children into illegal things. Either way I'm lucky she's so chill about it

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