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  1. Well, Ive been stonin for about 4 years now, off and on, everday for about a year and half.. This year I got popped off at school with stuff in a buddys car and was expelled for 2 years, and put on a probation type of thing for 4 months, well I got off probation 2 days ago, and yesterday I was just sitting at this lake with a buddy of mine, wasnt even smokin, just smokin a cig and a cop rolls up..

    My bowl is made out of tools and I had my dads friends tool bag in my car for some odd reason, so I threw it in there and put the weed under my nuts. The cop rolls up, and smells weed, how? I don't know lol. Anyhow, being as I just got off I was upfront and honest and gave him my weed. He searched the car and didn't find the pipe thank god! and all I got was a city ordinance ticket for 250$, when I shouldve gotten worse. :smoking:

    No more shit in my car:devious:
  2. ... uhh... so why the fuck did you tell the cop about the weed?
  3. You'd be $250 richer if you kept the bud behind your balls.
  4. haha yah u coud of used that 250 for more bud. i jus stick it in my sock and under my foot if i ever haev to talk to cops
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    Dude don't EVER be honest with a cop. By no means should you flat out lie to him, but if he says he smells weed, don't give him your bag!!! If he honestly can smell your weed, then he can search you. But until he has reasonable suspicion to believe that you have weed on you, he is shit outta luck if he wants to bust you. Cops will say "Help me out and I'll help you out," but it's a load of shit. They couldn't care less about your sorry ass. They see the $250 you just gave the county as $250 less is speeding tickets they need to write.

    Don't fall into the traps that cops set for you. You are smarter than that. They will try to strip you of your rights, and the only way to combat that is to know your rights. Check [ame=]this[/ame] gem out. Watch them. A lot.

  6. dude i have been searched before and the cops made me take off my shoes and socks.. so yeah but under your balls was good
  7. unless you legally were put into a strip searc kinda deal then that was quite illegal on their part. your not in the goddam airport hahah
  8. if you're high but have no weed on you, is it still illegal? (i wouldnt drive high, but for example walking in the streets or taking the subway)
  9. Ya it's called public intoxication.
  10. and how do they actually prove that... i dont think they can do shit
  11. How about if I have weed in my bag and didn't do anything wrong? can i just say "i do not consent to searches" and i'll be good? looks like the guy is just too smooth though
  12. ALRIGHT- heres why I just gave it up front with no questions asked.

    He was going to call the k9 dog out, and I had a pipe in the backseat bag, and that wouldve been a paraphanelia ticket to, and I wouldnt of got a measley city ordinance!

    And the community officer put me on the 4 months of probation so I wouldnt of got charged with a possession and paraphanlia ticket at school, and I just got off of it a day earlier..

    I guess you'd just have to completely understand my situation, but I was going to get into anymore trouble.

  13. Oh yeah- what about the patriot act passed back in 02? :s
  14. that cop was lieing when he said he was gunna call K9 on you all you have to do is not consent to search

  15. I know he wasnt because we always have atleast 1 k9 unit in our town on patroll, we have 3 in total.. and how was I to know he was lying? Check out the patriot act too.. From what I understand, it says they don't need a warrent or anything anymore.
  16. Man, you just got to play it cool and act like any other law abiding citizen would. For instance if a cop were to ask you if you were smoking marijuana you could act mildly insulted, and there goes his suspicion that you were smoking herb... unless you are wearing a t-shirt with a giant pot leaf on it.

  17. I can't argue with you bro. That's why I said "reasonable suspicion" :)
  18. Anal concealment.

  19. man i was high as shit when it happened so i just let it be and i was uneducated about my rights and dealing with the cops at time too
  20. In many countries actual consumption of marijuana is not illegal, so you could smoke a fat joint, finish it, stroll up to a police officer and say "Man, I just smoked a joint and I'm high as fuck :D"
    As long as you don't have bud on you at the time they can't do shit ;)

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