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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Feelin'Stoopid, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. OK so here's the set up... I'm at this party with some friends and I just got finished smokin' a j. So I'm baked. I'm the d.d., ' cause I love driving stoned and never mix booze with weed, just 'cause. So my group looks at me and is like you ready to head out? And I was like hells yeah, so at this time it's like 2:30 ish. So I reach for my keys... didn't have them. FUCK!

    So I start freakin' out and my group is like what the hell?! So I'm lookin all over the place and was like shit, my car still better be here. So I go out side, to find...

    My Back car door open, the car turned on, the heat running, and some absolutley smashed kid sitting in the back by himself puking out my door! I walk up and am like... Bro... what the fuck are you doing??? He just looks up at me with this look that said holy lord am I shit-faced. And I was worried he was gonna throw up in the car. And he was like... Dude I'm so smashed, don't talk to me. And I just look at him and I'm like... Hey dude... uh.. get the fuck out of my car.... like now. And he's like what dod you mean. I'm like what the hell do you think it means, get out! And he's like I thought someone was gonna take me home. ANd I'm like no dude, someone stole my keys and turned my car on... and I think it was you... get the fuck out.

    And then! he's jsut like dude... take me to my appartment real quick. And I'm like bro... you're not hearing me. I'm not taki ng you anywhere and you're gettin; the hell outa my car. He's like dude jsut take me, and I'm like seriously bro (now i Didn't raise my voice the whole time, i was totally cool) I can't take you anywhere. get another ride. And he's like fine!! Give me a minute..

    And I'm thinkin hey, take you damn time, cause the last thing I want is him moving to fast and throwing up in my car. So like 3 or 4 minutes pass and he gets up.... reaaaalllll slow. And As soon as he stands up i Check my car to see if anything was gone. Luckily I had all my valubles on me. Then I shut all the doors, turn the car off, lock and just walk away, looking at hm from behind me. And Im ust say, as pissed as I was felt bad, 'case when i turned around to look at him, jsut standing there in the middle of the road... He looked like the most lost person I have ever seen. But whatev, his fault for getting uncontrolabley drunk.

    Now I'm thinkin fuck! he so could ahve stolen my radio, puked in hte car, or even stolen it for that matter! ..... I jsut went inside and sat down and was like sheeeeeeeeeit. Then everyone came up and was liek okay let's go! and i was like dudes... listen to this... then told the story I jsut told you! Thought I'd share 'cause it scared the shit outa me. And whenever stuff like that happens when I'm stoned, I sit and really contemplate life. So I thought it was significant for some reason.

    I jsut hope the reason doesn't come back to bite me in the ass someday.

    THE END! :hello:
  2. lol i woulda slammed him head in the door. funny shit though, i get real deep too when crazy shit like that happens.
  3. i woulda just pulled him out man. locked up, checked everything was there. and then left
  4. Dude, that's seriously fucked man. I just read that story in my head, and like imagined the whole thing as a movie in my head it was kind of weird.
  5. hahaha nice bro. i'll take that as a compliment :cool:

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