Talk about drugs on phone?

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  1. Do you blades ever talk specifically about how much of or what kind of drug your buying over the phone? Or do you just say something discretely until you meet them in person?
  2. I only buy weed, so...

    "Hey, got any?"

    They know what I mean, lol.
  3. Why wouldnt I?
  4. I usually tell them what I want. Im not very paranoid about phone calls. "Hey man can I can get an 1/8th"
  5. Yeah, Id rather talk on the phone than text stuff.
  6. I say "hey are you good?" then I say "I'll be there in x mins" then I talk about what I want in person
  7. I highly doubt my small time guy is three-waying with the FBI....

  8. same. i'm not worried about making a call.
  9. I'm not really concerned about it. I've made so many blatant texts and calls about weed that if I was gonna get busted it would have happened by now.
  10. Me and my buddys used to use codewords. Such as "wanna chill with Al today?" and then "how many pizzas do you wanna get?"
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    Ill take some pepperoni and cheese in that case! And i should fuckin see what al wants,
    ill talk quantity but try never to say Marijuana or anything specific, Let alon psychedelics, that makes me uber paranoid
  12. I text and talk on the phone with my dealer, here's something we just discussed through texting earlier:

    Me: "what's good, got some of that stanky ass buddah?!?"

    Him: "Hell yeah dude, shit's straight skunk, how much you need?"

    Me: "1 zip, wanna smoke a bowl when I get there?"

    Him: "For sure"
  13. I'm pretty open. pretty much just "Hey, you holding?" "yeah, how much" "insert amount here" "ok, it'll be $$$" "see ya in..." you get the idea
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    Im kinda crazy i dont ever talk about drugs on the phone. And i have had to tell peolpe not to tex me about that shit either. I think its a good habit to get into. Phones are a strong tool that can be used against you not just listening in but they can get the tower reports and see your location, but dont get me wrong the average joe shouldnt worry about it. Im trying to plan a attack on the Jonas Brothers so i have to watch my P's and Q's.
  15. "You good?" "Yeah." "You at the spot?" "Yeah." "Be right over." "Alright."

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